Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday's the Start..........

The solution for an insect filled rotting wooden leg of the windmill looks like this.  I shortened the rotting leg and matched the length of the other three to it.  I still need to get some paint on it but it now is a bird house and not a windmill.  My dad made this thirty or more years ago.  I like my solution to a leaning rotting old garden decoration.

The black walnut trees are dropping their seed already.  I have one of these in the alley in which the tree keeps getting taller and taller.  It is my neighbors that grew up volunteer probably from a squirrel planting it.  Someday it will have to go as it is sitting too close to the alley and will cause problems.

The old fashion hydrangea started out as green blooms and then they turned white.  Now you can see they are turned back to green before they turn brown. 

While out and about shooting photos of the cornfield I noticed a work of art up the way.  It is our neighbor lady's planter, old toilet, that she never has planted.  I should go plant something in it for her one day when she is off on a shopping spree. 

We are headed to a doctors office today for my wife's yearly checkup.  They didn't have her do a cardiogram ahead of time so I am sure they will have her do one on a later date.  The doctor has put off her appointment so many times that he has lost track of what needs to be done.  We may go out for breakfast as it is an early appointment.  I hope all is well with you my blog friends.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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