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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Middle of the Week......

It was such a wonderful surprise to see this bloom last evening high on the top of the trellis. I thought that all I was ever to have in colors  was pink and white.  You can see all the white buds that are yet to open.  When I go outside this morning I bet they will be partially open.  When I investigated further in the planter below there are about six different vine stems going out of the pot.  The interesting thing is that they are intertwined on each other so it made it look like only two vines were growing up the trellis.  I really would like to be surprised with one more color of bloom. We will see what happens.

I didn't play acrobat on the saw horse this time but just used the zoom on the camera to get a close up shot. I do intend to take the step ladder next to the house out there today as I will be needing it for apple picking anyway. Then I can use it to take higher elevation photos.

The reason I was out to the shed last evening was the continual rains have caused most of my zinnas to lean and fall to the ground.  I had to get some of my smaller cheap fence posts and tie up most of them.  I don't know if the stems with blooms will turn back up to the light but I hope so.  This photo was taken a few days ago when a fritillary was out feeding on the coneflowers and zinnias. I really want the zinnias to be standing and also if the butterflies keep coming I want to not have to lay on the ground to take their picture.

The nail keg is on its way to being stored in the garden shed.  I have decided to banish everything that sits on my porch next to the door and start over with the entryway display.  I haven't removed everything yet but I am working at it as I grab something on my way by each time to put it away and out of sight. The begonia doesn't fit in the keg and I will hang the flowers back up on the hook when I take the keg away from the bench.

 I am concerned that the wet soil conditions will cause the large sunflowers to fall over like it has the smaller ones.  I would think the big guys are pretty well rooted in as I remember how hard it is to get the roots out of the ground in the fall. When I clear the garden in the fall I will have to use a spade to loosen them from the ground as they usually are so well rooted in the soil.

The new machine that does the calling for substitute teachers seems to be working well.  I am not able to start teaching until Sept. 1 due to a deal I have with the state retirement program. I keep getting called each morning by this computer guy wanting me to come in to do a sub job.  They can call as early at 5:30 in the morning but so far it has been around 6:00. Unfortunately l will start answering the phone next week and start going back to school.  I had a month long break from school so it was a good time off. 

I hope all is well with all of you my blogging friends and thanks for stopping by today.


Dolly said...

Oh, I love it when our Father gives us little surprises like that blue bloom ! My husband tends my fuschia ones and my purple ones daily.

I hope you find purple blooms next.......I intend to buy me some Heavenly Blue next time I remember to look for them at the store.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that you had this time off from subbing. Hopefully, you are feeling much better.
We are slowly beginning to collect outdoor windchimes, birdhouses etc. to store in the garage. We also had to spray around the outside of the house. Centipedes are making their way into the house.
Glad you were not playing on the saw horses again to get your photos!!! lol These are beautiful photos. Have a nice afternoon.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great photos today, I enjoyed them! of course the Sunflower is wonderful!! Glad you had some time off! :)