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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday's Finds........

Flowers do sometimes have similarities to other flowers even though they are not the same kind. The photo of the second dahlia starting to bloom reminds me of a waterlily bloom.  I will work at having more dahlias next year and will get them planted earlier in the season.  Note the tea rose is planted near to the dahlia and the leaves from the rose are in the background of my blooms. The tea rose is going to bloom again soon.

The trellis next to the blue gate has life and death on it.  The one clematis died right after it bloomed.  The morning glories are putting out great vines at this point but I may not see many blooms on them as it is a little in the shade most of the day. I do see a few buds on the end of one of the vines so I will wait to see what happens. The vine itself has shot an independent vine to the other side of the fence growing around a leaning step ladder.

Below on the opposite side of the trellis is the hosta putting out great foliage.  One can still see holes in some of the earlier leaves from our spring hail storm.  Planting the morning glory vines in the planter really did help me to have success in getting them to grow with the competition of the hosta at the same location.

The sad sight in the coneflowers is the death of the older blooms.  I am having a lot of these as they are nearing the end of their season.  This is what I saw the last two years within a week after the blooms came out as our weather was so dry.  Now we seem to be muddy all the time when I walk out into the garden area.

As a kid in southern Iowa is was so common to see dozens of these white and yellow butterflies.  They loved to get water from the wet muddy waterholes after a big rain.  You could see them lining the edge of the water puddle taking in moisture from the mud and water. There are not many around here in this area of the state. I fear the insecticides had lessened their number.

 I have seen only a couple of the yellow sulfur butterflies this year and I would of course shown you a photo if there had been more. I see that the two yellow and white butterflies are from the pieridae kind of butterfly and the white one is called the cabbage white. Sulfur yellow is one of the names used for the other.  I see that they are found in South America through Mexico and up into the United States.

This final photo shows the layers of plants from front to back.  The tomatoes are late but I have a lot of them on the vine.  I have the first one that I planted just now turning.  We should have many tomatoes by the end of August to first weeks of September.

The one zinnia patch is directly next to the tomatoes and they too are slow this year. There is a walking space next to the zinnias and the shed. The vines have many buds on them now at the top of the trellis.  I hope more will bloom in front of the trellis and not behind it between the shed and the trellis.  It is hard to take pictures between the.

House cleaning is on the list of things to do today and I will finally put the sweater into the frame today.  I spent the last two days carefully attaching the sweater to a mat board, sewing it in strategic places so it will stay vertical in the shadow box frame. My wife had to restitch the cuff of one of the sleeves back to the sweater as it was frayed and detached.

We need to make a grocery run some time today in the hot humid weather.  We had another rain last night for a short time period making it more humid for today.  I got up with Button for the thunder and lightning around 2 in the morning and we didn't stay downstairs very long as it didn't last for very long. We get so many short rains that it is hard to remember when we get them.

I will close down this post for today and I am hoping all have a good Friday. Thanks for stopping by today.

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Dolly said...

The Dahlia photo is breathtaking ! It would make a beautiful header for your blog now that the coneflowers have passed their prime!