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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday's Start..........

The surprise lilies, naked ladies, did surprise me as the bulbs sent up one more stem with buds on the end of it.  It is funny how they shoot up a sprout and then the buds develop on the ends putting a cluster of blooms on the end of the stem. This one has fallen to the ground because of rain last week.  I have two other stems still standing.

 A framing job that is in the works is this old school sweater.  I am trying not to be in the framing business anymore but when a customer from the past wants one more old family item to be framed, I will do it.  I had previously framed a few years back an old physical training outfit of someones grandma and also another letter jacket of the 30's.  It turned out great and they need this to add to their wall of old school clothes.  I have the frame made and finishing it is in the works today.  Buy glass and figuring out how to mount it on the backing is in order.  We end up sewing from the back of the article of clothing in large stitches to support it from the top.  We don't damage the item that way and it stays in position once all of it is put in the frame.  Gravity can be the enemy here but we have a system that secures it  pretty well.

This sunflower is the red brown one that I planted.  It is opening now and should be completely open by the end of the week.  I see there are multiple buds on it unlike the larger yellow sunflowers that put out only one large flower.

I have a  dozen of the sunflowers all at different heights right now.  The brownish one will be a shorter variety as it was bred to be a pretty flower for gardens.  The big yellow ones are interesting to watch as the tower over one's head once fully grown.

The oxalis in the large pot is really liking its outside location.  I mention how large the leaves are on the plant but the blooms are starting to sit on to make it far more colorful.

I have yet to get the other oxalis that I have in the house into a bigger container.  Perhaps today that will happen. I will carry it out side and put it on the patio table and it will be glaring at me to repot it.

 I looked up at this the other day and decided that the shelf is understated too much.  I like the item that holds the wooden shelf and I like the shell, but I have so many old things that could be sitting on that shelf to keep the shell company.  I saw that a wren had made a nest in the cavity of the support but no bird stayed in there to raise their young.The extra large spreading juniper bush kept it covered up and now the bush is gone so it is in full view.

As I scan through some past photos I become more disturbed about that loss of some of my iris.  A couple of them are totally gone from the iris bore. The leaves still stand but there is no rhizome underneath them. In some cases there is a small round part of a rhizome left and I have transplanted that elsewhere.  Bayer makes an insect granule that is to be spread on yard and garden to kill them out.  I don't know if our super wet season brought all the bores out but I have had to check every one to see if they have been hollowed into and destroyed.  A lot of the rhizomes are hollowed out leaving only the skin of it in tack. Others are a white paste on the ground with no evidence an iris was ever there. The insect chemical is sold more for the people who want to kill insects in their yard but the source on the internet told me the Bayer company's product (Bayer Season Long Grub Control) included the chemical to shut down the iris bore. I will just have to suffer my loses and try to replace as time goes on some of them. I am glad the I save a few of them.

It is Monday and I am moving slow today.  I will go out and finish the rest of my mowing while it is cool and I am sure I will be doing other things out there.  The frame job hovers over me and I need to get it done. We won't be extremely hot today and we are actually seeing the sun today.  I hope everyone has a good Monday.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Patsy said...

Thanks about the Bayer grub control. I have been digging my iris up and my start over with new iris next year.
Great to save and frame old things so the young can see them.

Blackberry Lane said...

Best wishes with the framing job. I remember how ugly my p.e. gym suit was in 8th grade!!!

Sad about the iris.

At one of our homes, we had a problem with voles eating our plants. It was devastating.

lark said...

Your beautiful blooms, and your treasures, & projects are such a feast for the eyes Larry. You are an inspiration!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope you get control of the borer...dang moths anyway. You had some beautiful Iris in the past years. Your framing job looks like a the old school sweater! :)