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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday's Things..........

In one day, with the help of a rain, and the bucket is full of the apples that fell from the tree.  They are larger ones that all that have been falling the past two weeks.  My other apple tree is holding on, keeping its apples and I will have to pick them.  They can stay in the tree longer until I get more time to pick them.

Staking up the zinnias did work as we keep getting rains and the cord and metal fence posts are doing their job.  We are catching up on all the rain we missed the last two summers. The yard and garden are muddy and ooze water when you walk on them.

I measured the tallest sunflower yesterday and it is 12 feet tall.  I grew sunflowers for fun when I was a young kid on the farm and I really don't remember them being that tall.  I was shorter back then and I don't think any of my plants were ever that tall.  I think the package of seed called them mammoth and I can see why.  I did put a metal post next to it and tied it up so it wouldn't continue to lean to its own extinction. 

 A new shot of the blue morning glory.  I did use a step ladder and I left it  in the area for further use with photography and picking apples. It just continues to rain in Iowa.  We are not getting the 5 inch rains but we are getting all that we need.  I would ship it south and north to all my blogging people but I can't do that.  I don't know if I can get out today as it is a soggy mess and the sprinkles continue.

I will close with this painted lady feeding itself.  It has finally stopped raining as we approach noon today.  I doubt we ever dry out but we will see.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Anonymous said...

Those apples will be so tasty in a pie.

We are still dry; our red clay is like cement.

I love seeing the zinnias and the butterfly on the coneflower.

John and I saw a sunflower today while out driving and I mentioned yours to John. 12 feet is really tall!

John's blood sugar has dropped dangerously low in the last two days. The dr. told us today to leave off the newest diabetic script and see if the #'s improve.

3 of my college girlfriends visited me today. The daughter of one left on a flight to China today for a 1 yr teaching position. I was glad that we could give her support and prayers as she will miss her daughter/sil/granddaughter very much over the next year.

I found a new café 7 miles from our home that is open from 7 a.m. til 9 p.m. We enjoyed fresh corn, okra and tomatoes on the buffet tonight.