Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Where is the Sun?

Looking out the dining room window this morning the light is good but there is no sun.  It rained in southern Iowa to the tune of 4 inches and we have residue clouds here that makes it look dull and damp.  I do know we will warm up but the day is slow getting started as a summer day.

The one cluster of white phlox are starting to fade a bit.  The last rain made some of the flower petals fall to the ground.  You can see the pink petals on the patio in the above photo.  The moisture was welcomed and things seem to be staying pretty lush.  I needed to mow the yard so by Monday or Tuesday when I actually mow it the grass should be tall.  I could sneak in some mowing time this pm but I don't think the body is willing.

I didn't get to the transplanting and thinning of the agapanthus this year.  I still have time.  The potted plant in the left foreground should put out stems of blooms and has only done that one time a few  years back. I have two containers of them and they probably both could be divided into four or five pots.  It is too easy to let them just grow foliage and not mess with them.  They winter over in my basement.  I have mentioned these before that they are planted everywhere in the California area and grow and bloom wonderfully.

I am not ready for fall and I do hope we have a few more weeks of really great weather. This is another shot of the aronia berry bush.  It puts out great red leaves and they will all be on the ground before a lot of the other trees start to turn to fall colors.

I need to get out and take some new photos today that have different subject matter than flowers and butterflies.  I know that one does post what is in season so the themes of the kind of photos that we post go with the weather. But I too need to see some different kind of photos on my blogs.

Not much is planned for today and I have some jobs hanging over my head that I have to get done.  I will take a stab at working in the frame studio one more day hoping to be done with that job.  I bought grass seed yesterday and I may venture out with a rake to work up some soil in blank spots and sew some seed.  I had winter kill along some of my sidewalks so I should have planted seed there a lot sooner than now.  I think we will see the sun today but it is taking it's time.  I hope all are well.  Thanks for your visit to my blog.


Patsy said...

I love fall color ,but not yet.

Blackberry Lane said...

We are noticing fall color and it is just too early. We are dry and in need of rain.
Wishing you both a blessed Sunday.