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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, August 15, 2014

Finality of the Week........

The flowers are blooming through all the foliage and the weeds.  I see that I have coneflower leaves on the left.  Maybe they will bloom next year as I didn't know they were in this garden spot. The sun streak in the photo makes the area looks like it has mildew but not on these plants.

Another bloom from the newest rose bush.  The two of these that I bought have gone through some kind of shock in their being planted in soil.  The other one dropped all of its leaves after it bloomed and within a three day period put out new growth of leaves.  This one with the pink bloom is doing the same now as it has lost most of all of its leaves on the non blooming stems and I am hoping it too will leaf out again.

This geranium is starting to put out its new blooms as it is in a regrouping season at this time of the year.

I moved the wood scraps after I took this photo.  This planter is reviving again as it seems to like our cool evenings.  I turned down a purchase of a planter full of yellow petunias on Wednesday.  It was cheap enough but thought I didn't need to get it as the fall weather is almost upon us.  The yellow variety is a pale in color, not vibrant, and I do like it.  I guess if it drops down to nearly free I will pick it up but one needs to stop somewhere, at least I keep telling myself that.

That last comment reminded me that I had not shared this photo taken last week.  This is my back steps flower garden.  I guess I could add the pink colored geranium into this group but it sits out on the end of the patio looking good there. I suppose the yellow petunias would look great with this group but I am still resisting.

I can plead old age as I find that I have repeated a photo of a painted lady on the past blogs.  This one has not been posted on the Creative Zone, I do know that, but it could have been on the Photo a day.  They all look alike after while when I have so many of them.  I had a fritillary butterfly back in the garden yesterday and those photos look just like the ones that I took a week or so ago.  I did make a mad dash for the camera in the afternoon to try to get a shot of a black butterfly.  I am assuming it is a black eastern swallowtail but I didn't get a shot. I wonder if I will ever see it again. I only saw it from the dining room window and it was gone when I was out there with camera in hand.

The coneflowers have started to finish out their bloom cycle.  I have dead ones among the rest and I do notice that the butterflies are favoring the younger blooms.  i suppose the amount of nectar in the flower is less as they get older. 

I replenished my burn pile yesterday getting it ready for another evening fire.  As I had finished piling it and was doing other things I noticed that the old coals decided to go ahead and burn.  The pile caught fire and I burned a quick batch in no time.  The brush and coals didn't know that it was illegal to burn in the day time and that it needs to be a recreational event in order to have a fire. It is wet out there this morning so I won't have to worry about starting another illegal burn.

I took two shots of the old tree yesterday while hoping to catch a shot of the woodpecker.  I could hear it but never really had it in range of the camera. I did catch the sun.  As I finish this blog we are receiving a very welcomed light rain. I don't think we will get a large amount but a half inch would be helpful.  It makes it look gloomy but I don't think it will be sticking around for long.

No big plans for today.  I have the usual things to do again today.  We will warm up by late afternoon and we will go to get food supplies this afternoon.  Thanks for stopping in today.


Patsy said...

Great photo's today.

Blackberry Lane said...

The rose is just gorgeous. I have to use restraint when they start marking down plants. It's easy to get so many that it becomes a chore digging holes for them! Your steps with the geraniums is so nice.
Have a good evening.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Pretty photos. So interesting that the geranium has one bloom up. Cute.