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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, October 10, 2016

Fussing with Monday..........

The tree should be putting out great color in the next couple of days.  Those maples have been around for as long as I have lived here so they have grown into mature well-shaped trees. I do miss my red maple tree that the city removed last summer. I think it was the only red maple in this neighborhood.

The small bud that I shared last week bloomed out by Wednesday of last week.  I was busy at work and I think we had some rainy days in which I didn't go out and check on it.  I did get this nice shot of it a few days ago. It is in a stage of decline now but the cold weather kept it in bloom longer than normal.

I had three bluejays at the feeder yesterday.  I really struggled with the camera to get clear pictures.  I forget that I need to use my wife's camera to take photos of the birds through the window.  I had to manipulate the photos to great extremes to get decent color.  The one birds is busy moving his head up and down as he searches for seed.

It is late evening and I didn't get this published.  Monday's can be too busy and too much of a struggle to just get it all completed.  Thanks for checking in on my blogspot.

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Mildred said...

Your photos are so pretty against the blue background. Such a shame about your red maple. Love seeing the rose and the blue jays, too. Hope you two will have a pleasant evening.