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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, October 21, 2016

The End...of the Week.

I had wild morning glories grow out of the planter and spread through the grass in the area.  It is still warmer on ground level so I keep getting the small blooms.  The are growing among the fallen apples as if it is in a graveyard.

I keep seeing these large blue flowers on the trellis and every photo looks alike.  We had another frost last night and sooner or later they will all be gone.

Riding the old train was such a good experience.  We didn't get to see the engine but we could see and smell the smoke.  On the way out the smoke blue away from the train.  On the way back we had smoke in sight outside our window the majority of the time.  The whistle of a steam locomotive is a sound of its own. I really liked hearing the engineer play with the whistle almost making it talk.

All of the cars had stairs design special so the step lined up perfectly with the curb. Our car we chose to ride in had upholstery seats while the ones that were green cars had school bus-like seats. Our care was supposedly the 1930's car and the other green ones were the 1920s cars

Early mornings outside with Button on his last months were such a blessing to me in relation to the sunrises that I was able to see.  The days are so much shorter now and I go out after breakfast before I take my coffee in the the living room for the news on TV.

We both really miss our little dog and it may be easier as time goes on but for now we are still feeling the loss.  I still glance in areas of the house where he liked to sleep and forget that he isn't there.  We go places now and both of us think that we need to get home for the sake of our little dog.  We did that for the last year or so. He was such a great little guy and we have partially moved on with our lives.  Barney sure does get a lot more attention now.

I appreciate your stopping by today. The weekend is only a day away.  Take care everyone.


Mildred said...

I sure sympathize with you and Della regarding the loss of little Button. We still miss Harriet. You and Button certainly shared some spectacular sunrises to share with your blog friends. We have terrific wind today. I do wish you both a pleasant weekend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I think you may miss Button for many years. I still miss the little Sheltie that died three years before we got Chance, so it is with pet owners.
I hope Barney is doing okay. I hope you have a productive weekend, the weather is supposed to be nice up here:)