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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday's Things.........Again.

Ironically this happened on the day we were trying to get to the train museum.  The train had to make a stop on the track to unload or pick up something.  We were very early so we had time to sit and talk and look at these two cars on the crossing.   While sharing photos yesterday with my advisory class one of the girls raised her hand and said her dad was an engineer on a train that carried coal across the state.

I have seen this before but it has been a while. It would be a great idea for anyone who has a train room. It looks like they have dowels all along the edge so if a break up took place they would fall down onto the public.

I shared this photo on my Photo a Day blog today.  It was purchased in California and it is quite a show piece for a train. The museum runs this as their dinner train and you take it on the same track and the other trains but it has a location where the pull it off the track.  It sits for a while out in the woods while people keep eating.

We discovered as we rode the train that we really were on the bad side of the car.  The valley views were all on the opposite side of the car as our side showed more of the ravines and and distant river sights.  You can see the dinner train across the way as we passed it sitting on its own special set of tracks.

Back home the neighbor's cat sleeps on the step.  We had not seen him for a while and he had lost a lot of weight.  He is eating at our place 5 out of 7 days a week.  I hope he is going home once in a while and not sleeping out in the cold somewhere.  Otherwise, he sleeps here night and day.

It is almost Friday but it is not.  The week has seemed to drag but Friday is coming soon.  My white morning glories are blooming in spite of the cold.  I have a lot of seeds that I am going to gather this fall.  

I am developing a batch of leaves now under the birch tree that I will have to start to mow and mulch.  The grass has really grown tall again so I will have to face that this weekend.  The silver maple will not drop its leaves for another month. I am getting a collection of neighbor's leaves that just blanket the top of the grass but they are not a worry to me.

I really am not ready for it to be cold.  I thank you for stopping by my post today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

That poor kitty at least he has food. That dining car would be fun! That train set up high on the wall would be hard to dust and fix! I like the idea of it being on the wall...we should have designed a room for the trains when we built this house:)

Patsy said...

Like the white morning glory's. Great Train post!