Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday.....a Visit.

At our last visit to the bookstore we shared a scone.  I think it was an apple with cinnamon one.  I snapped the view before we divided it and enjoyed it.

I took some shots from magazines to share some ideas that I liked.  I put ornaments in my jars also instead of hanging them from a tree.  I like the idea of picking a color scheme to follow.

This display of antique ornaments seemed like a good idea.  It looks like an antique glass compote that is being used for the decoration.  I could see displaying my brass bells in a more rustic kind of container.  I did finally find my collection of bells that had misplaced for a few years.

I thought this an interesting painting that I found in an art magazine.  I am always displaying my rocks in formations or arrangements.  I really don't think I will ever take the time to paint them as I like seeing the real rocks and being able to pick them up once in a while.

Our bookstore has a wonderful design with a two story ceiling in the front half of the store.  Sitting in the coffee shop area the view is looking like this. Every Saturday that we are there we see singles and couples who come there each Saturday.  One  day on a  weekday men meet and have a chess tournament. We have been there when a couple met for the first time having met on the internet.  That was a strange and different kind of experience to be viewing on the side.

I had photos that I had taken form a nature photography book.  I can't seem to find them.  It was a book of pictures of all the wildflowers of Iowa taken by a husband and wife team who are college professors from Iowa U.  I will have to go back and take pictures again.

I wish everyone to have a safe and good weekend.  My wife and I are out and about today and pictures, of course, will follow.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Mildred said...

Such a pretty bookstore and your coffee, and scone to share, look delicious. It would be interesting to observe the different ages of people coming in to the bookstore for various reasons. I like the Mason jars used to hold ornaments. Recently I saw vintage jewelry stuffed into a Mason jar; I thought that was a good way to preserve sentimental pieces of jewelry from a loved one of mismatched earrings etc. I hope you both will enjoy the weekend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

That looks like a fun place to visit! I like scones! I hope you have a productive weekend, you should soon be done with your teaching duties...are you counting the days :)

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Nice Saturday outing. I like putting ornaments in bowl. Hadn't thought of jars. Thanks.