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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wednesday's Ways.........

The silver maple is dropping its leaves but it will take a month before they are all on the ground I remember that I am still mowing them up in November some years.  Of course, if the snow buries them the situation is out of my hands.

I brought my hardy geraniums  back outside from the basement stairwell. after the frost/freeze scare. They are doing well and did get a good rainfall downpour on them early morning.  I left them in the basement last year but with only having three containers of them maybe a couple could stay upstairs.

The hydrangea blooms started off green in color, changed to white, and now have become a mixed color of beiges.  The growing season with good moisture has kept them healthy all spring through the fall season.  In dry years the leaves would be gone by now.

The neighbor's maple trees are loosing their leaves quickly.  I mowed and mulch up a lot of the leaves in my yard last weekend and will probably have many more to do this weekend.  The downpour that we had in the middle of the night probably helped bring them down quicker.  I like the line designs of the branches contrasting to the yellow leaves.

The soft needled pine is really a great specimen that almost sits on my property.  The neighbor's little girl planted it there.  Now that little girl is a woman with three girls and the tree has really grown.  The tree sits right next to the neighbor's fence and it does look like it belongs to me.  I do keep it trimmed back so I don't get hit in the face when I am mowing.

It is the middle of the week and I am glad.  I actually don't have to work on Friday so tomorrow's Thursday is also my work week Friday.  It will be good to be off for three days.

We have a gray-looking day today and it seems to be not to lighten up much.  It is fall and the clouds will just hover all day.  Thanks for checking in on my blog.  I wish everyone to have a great Wednesday.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Beautiful tree shots!! Though I love silver Maples, I think my favorite here is the picture of the regular maples.

Mildred said...

I love the golden leaves with the dark branches showing through. Best wishes overwintering the geraniums. We are supposed to have rain tomorrow and we do need it. It is hard to get used to the lack of daylight. Glad you have Friday off.