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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Mighty Mississippi........

The longest part of our drive to the Chicago area is the drive across Iowa.  The interstate crosses the part of the side of Iowa where the bump shape is on our border.  It is a little less than 3 hours to the border. Once to the edge of that it is time to cross the Mississippi River. This photo was taken at the rest stop on the Illinois side. The river meanders along the border and was used as the guide to mark the eastern border of Iowa.  The toll turnpike beyond is a two hour drive into the edge of Chicago.

Whenever I can get the bright color of red to focus on the camera I snap it. It was a dull day outside and it seemed to focus well.

Because it was a dull day, the white really doesn't pick up as the lighter white that it really does look.  The gray is the best I can get and I didn't want to edit it to white and lose all the good lines in the photograph.

A monarch butterfly was hanging around for a while.  I didn't take much for it take off into the trees when I tried to take more than one photograph. It seems kind of late for the monarch to be out there but it really could make the migration if it stays on task.

Most all of the morning glory plants have wilted to almost death and the hardy geraniums are taking off in that planter.  This is the newest one that I collected a couple of years ago and I was surprised that I had saved it over the winter.

It is Wednesday and we are cloudy today.  It was in the low 60s this morning but we are going to warm up some today. I could not take a sunrise shot this morning as the clouds from the spotty rains were still hanging around out there.  It looks like a bit of a warming trend is in the future.

I appreciate your stopping by my blog today.  Have a great rest of the day.


Mildred said...

I enjoyed your photos very much this evening. Of course, the butterfly is my favorite. The southern part of our state is prepping for the massive storm.

Far Side of Fifty said...

That Geranium is very pretty! Almost Friday, and you can have a rest!!! :)