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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday’s Things.....

In comparison to the flowering trees blooming now in Georgia, these buds of future white flowers are just sitting at this stage until it warms up some more.

Just like me waiting for the buds to bloom, the male robin is still waiting for his mate to return from the south.   He does take a break once in a while to eat from the ground and does fly around to other trees nearby.  The tree has fruits on it from last year so he is doing well for food.

The sky is really a good blue making it seem like spring.  We still have a cold breeze and the frost is off of the truck that sits in the drive. I was told the it is a bradford pear tree.  I have two of them in front. I don’t understand why it is different tree than the one that I have at the old place.  I am think the kinds are different as this one does have a small fruit on it for most of the year.

The tulip watch continues between the scattered snow showers.  It is good that they are tough because they just keep on growing.  I can now count that I had planted seven bulbs here.  I really didn’t have a plan nor do I remember what is where. I do know there are a lot of bulbs planted out there ready for us to see in a few weeks.

The macro just doesn’t work well with my new camera without sufficient light. I keep doing battle and they are blurry.  I get impatient and would just wait for a good natural light to happen.  I know that I use to take them outside on the deck to take shots but we just are not that warm yet for that. In every batch of five stems that are offered for sale, the company puts in four stems of a similar color and then one complimentary colored flower.  They insert this green one in all of the lavender and pink bouquets.  It must be a florist rule of design when they go through their training.

When one is retired, the idea of spring break doesn’t really apply. With that in mind, we are still thinking we should do some new and different things because it is spring break.  The thought is there but we don’t really have anything planned yet.  Maybe an adventure to Wallymart will have to fit the bill for entertainment today.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I am off to clean the fish tank.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

It will be interesting seeing your blooms at the new place:)