Friday, December 30, 2016


It always happens that your camera batteries are shot and you birds are lining up to have their photos taken.  I had a large red bellied woodpecker feeding and I went to find the camera.  When I returned, a bluejay had run off the woodpecker.  I haven't had a shot of a bluejay for quite a while so I pointed to shoot.  I didn't shoot, as the batteries were dead. Well, at this point I could lie and tell of all the birds that I saw and I wouldn't have evidence.  We bought two batches of batteries yesterday.  If my schedule ever clears from busy work I will take photos again.

Our poinsettia is starting to decline from its living inside with our heating system.  I really like the tradition of the flower and our son buys us one each year.  I heard the story that the plant originates from Mexico.  It was told that the country has always considered it a Christmas plant and use it to decorate showing the blood of Christ at the bases of their statures. It does grow wild there.  I remember that it grows well also as an outdoor plant in California.

The last frame job for the year and for our business went out today.  While I blogged this in the past months, one of my followers commented that he was related to the person of the name shown in the framing.  He followed me anonymously for some time and then wrote to me about the person who owned it.  My email has changed so if he wants to write me again you can catch me at The woman wants to meet you by email as you both are related to her as a great aunt.  I need to change my email on the blogger but it tends to not want me to do it. I have to get on that and figure it out as Yahoo has failed me too many time.

While saying that the frame job was the last; we plan to remodel the art gallery area and remove all the counters and storage units that we used for our framing business.  Hopefully it will look more like a family room with a new ceiling, light fixtures and a new floor.  We are keeping on with the art studio part but the open area from the lost of business things will be a welcomed space addition to the room. I plan to make it a retired person's project and do it a few hours a day until it is done.

It was a good day, visiting with my wife's friend and having a meal together.  We bought her a dvd player for Christmas and we needed to return to install it.  Every company labels things differently on the remotes, so it was a challenge.  I decided to not use my rush, rush attitude and just took my time doing the job.  "Source" is a great word for "Menu" and I did find it in the directions.  Once I found the "Source", things became so much easier.   My wife was a great help with the process as we bounce back and forth the intent  of their words.  The connection of the wires was again difficult but I did discover that the only hole left on the back of the tv must be where the yellow cord has to be inserted. When we left, the friend had been tested a number of times to be sure she could start watching her Downton Abbey.  She was so excited to see the first three seasons as she didn't own a tv at the time when it first started to broadcast.

It was a warmer day today and the winds died down to a lower speed.  It made it almost comfortable while wearing a winter coat.  I hope everyone is well and thank you for stopping by today.


The Furry Gnome said...

Happy New Year Larry!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

First of all, love the painting in your header photo.
My camera is never ready when the birds look the best at our feeders either. If I have the camera ready, only sparrows come in.
I actually saw poinsettias growing wild in Mexico. Ours is looking a little limp too mostly because it was brought in to us on the coldest day we've had so far and that nipped the leaves a bit. I try to give them a sip of water everyday through winter. You don't want them soggy, but they need the humidity with the heat on.
Sounds like you're doing well. Happy New Year!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You got that Art work project done before the New Year! It sounds like you have a plan to spruce up your studio area, that should keep you busy! :)

Ela said...

Thank you for your beautiful friendship blogging in 2016 !!
Happy New Year 2017 !!