Thursday, September 28, 2023

A Good Day....


The downy is rarely seen but today he did show up for some suet. They are a smaller woodpecker so I have to look twice to be sure it just isn't a sparrow.  The flashy red gives him away. 



The last of my reblooming iris looked like this.  It is amazing how they can fold up overnight and they are gone.  It was a good run of second blooms and we got to enjoy them inside as each one opened. 

I worked with the orchids a few weeks ago repoting them into fresh orchid material and I noticed this stick projecting up and out.  I didn't cut it off as I could see the developing buds. We have had this a couple of years and I don't remember what color that it is. We will know within the next two days. The planting medium is actually shredded bark with it being infused with nitrogen.

This isn't very good-looking but it is in progress.  I have 25 new tulips planted here.  The former owner had stepping stones here and they went to nowhere.  I removed them and add new dirt.  It was an easy dig to get those bulbs planted.  I over seeded grass seed this morning in the area and added seed next to the new grass barrier.  I moved a large rock of granite into this arrangement this morning.  I will have red, pink, and red parrot tulips blooming here next spring.  The day lily is also the large red one.

I spent time digging up the black iris and separating it into new bunches.  I also cleared all the water grass before I replanted everything. A spare set of rhizomes did get planted in a new location.  One's garden needs to keep growing.

We are having another pleasant day before our warming trend.  I had to wear a parka all morning while I was outside.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Thinking tulips already!! Good for you getting them planted. Deer eat tulips here.