Thursday, November 30, 2023

Busy Work......


 It isn't too pretty yet but the small glass blown ornaments are going on to the tree. I don't have a skirt down yet but I have a whole box full of them to put on the tree.  I put ten or more at a time as I pass by the tree. 

It is sort of a blur but it has the great color and lights. Nothing is really in focus but that is the magic of the season with multiple colors and sparkle. 

I worked outside to put up some lights but didn't get anything finished.  It was a good day to  carry up the hill the two reindeer.  I got them in position but cant find all the cords that I need to get them lighted. It isn't even December so I have time to get the jobs fonr. 

Thanks for stopping in today.

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Val Ewing said...

Even with the blur, the colors are wonderful and magical.

Those glass ornaments are fantastic!