Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, January 15, 2016

Bob.......No, Stuart.

One of my students told me this guy is Stuart.  He is one of the  minions from the Disney movie. This guy actually is one that is  round  so people could toss him around like a ball. He apparently has his own carrying case. One student said he was Stuart as Bob has two eyes. If you have seen any of their short stories the minions are quite unusual and different.  One movie short that I saw, the minions were being bomb carriers for a factory.  They kept dropping them and caused all sorts of confusion for the factory.

A room next to the one I am working has an ever changing tree.  It is a Christmas tree at that time but it is a seasonal one all the school year.  The snow/winter tree is up right now and the lights apparently were not on at the time that I took the shot.

The teacher next door also is a Snoopy cartoons fan.  She has all sorts of Charles Schultz characters on her bulletin boards and walls.  This one is in the room I am working.  The teacher was in the army so she is sharing this military one with him.

An associate in the room next door has this poster to share. I do like its advise when it comes to ice skating or certain things in life.

I will finish with the jar of mistake erasures.  It is available to all those who really like to erase all the wrong answers while doing math.   We had a light snow this morning but it is done already.  It is going to be very cold the next few days so maybe it will be too cold to snow.  Thanks for stopping by today...........take care.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I though it was too cold to snow up here too...five inches plus later...just finished all the shoveling and snow to the grocery stores before the deep freeze comes in later today. Prepare yourself! I have lots to do but a nap sounds good and it is one thing I am really good at! :)

Red said...

Each teacher has their own signature that kids catch on to. Mine was word of the day and quote of the day. It was a routine. I miss the kids.