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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday is no Fuss........

I had a day off on Wednesday, so I ventured out to rescue the birdfeeder. I have had to straighten it in the photos so it didn't look so crooked when it really was sagging and falling apart.  I found a couple of thin pieces of wood and put bracing on the box so it wouldn't sag anymore.  I had done just one side and squared it up and then notice from the other direction it made it sag worse in that other direction. Putting another brace on the feeder on the other side the did squared it up.  I had built it with recycle things and I put some finishing nails in the project.  The finishing nails don't weather and start to rust away letting the board jiggle back and forth.  I added some very large nails on the corners and things look like it might make a couple of more years.  The slats will give the birds an obstacle course to fly through now but they do that all the time with branches in the trees.

Right away the squirrel tried it out and he feels a lot safer now too.  If the feeder can handle his weight it will be good. I still have not been able to buy corn for them but I will get to it soon. I did buy another suet cake as the woodpeckers really like them.  The snow you see her is about what we have now and the 33 degree F. rain really isn't make the snow go away.

The rock is back to being just wet again.  Snow is all gone on the railing.  When it starts to get cold we will have all that rain turn into solid ice.  Barney came in today soaking wet.  He didn't want to come in because of the cool air he does like but when he starts to get pretty soggy then  he comes back inside.

I am working for a half day today.  I am in the business room teaching various things in the business world.  Actually they are reviewing for semester texts.  The schedule is strange this year and the semester did not end at Christma but will end next week.

We will venture for groceries in order to be stocked up for the winter storm we are to have.  Severe cold can be considered a storm as it blankets temperatures of 9 degrees F. or less all over the area.  I am always concerned about the utilities and hope they can stay on during the time.  Happy Friday to you all and thanks for coming by today.


Mildred said...

It is nice to see Barney enjoying his time outdoors. I sure hope you won't have real severe weather and I do hope the utilities stay on. Since the ice storm last March, we are paranoid about having food, water blankets etc. for us and the pets. Have a restful evening.

The Furry Gnome said...

Looks like a practical useful bird feeder to me, as long as you don't mind feeding the squirrels!