Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thursday's......a Struggle.

The succulent and cactus window shows the various things that I have collected from others.  The succulents were given to me by a neighbor  who was given to her by people who visit Texas and Mexico.   The succulent just doesn't stop growing and I have one other container of them upstairs in a window. I guess the rains tried to drown out one of them but it survived anyway. The cactus on the right came from a very large plant and it now is twice the size as to when I first got the thing. It is a dangerous thing with very few but very large spines. The little ones in the stoneware will never get too large and I like that.

Natural and unnatural sculptures side by side. The snow is going to melt very little today but it will be above freezing. Sleet came yesterday to clean up out dirty snow.  I didn't have to shovel it and it was nice to have a cleaner surface.

This is the before picture of the amaryllis I brought up from the basement.  I planted a new amaryllis bulb yesterday and have great photos of it on my camera at home. The half off sale of the recent 5 buck mark down makes them almost free. There is some green on this disaster shown here but I am not so sure the main part of the bulb will grow.  There is  a side shoot that looks promising.

I was called in to work for this morning at a late time so I don't have any of yesterday's photos downloaded.  I barely got a shower and shaved but I did. I was scheduled for the afternoon for a job but they begged me in for the morning.  My first hour class was sent to the library and I had to go get them to bring them to the classroom.

Decorations are slowly coming down.  I don't like the shock of seeing it all cleared so I take things and put them away a few at a time.  A tree is down and the Christmas angles and nutcrackers will be disappearing soon. Working in the day means I don't get much of it moved but I do grab things when I have to go upstairs anyway.  I need to rearrange the entire storeroom upstairs and will do so as more things end up there. 

Our foggy, snowy and rainy weather is getting to be too much.  We have it to look forward to one more day and then the ice king on the express will arrive.  Sunday is to have a high of 9 degrees F. (-13 C.) It will be a test to see if the car will be reliable.  I dread it when the weather is the major thing in life that has to be faced. Thank you for stopping by today.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

I've always loved cactus plants, but never have enough sunshine in my home to sustain them. What lovely memories yours hold, a gift from friends....
Finally got my decorations down, except the live wreath which stays up as long as it's green :)

Vicki Lane said...

I treasure the plants I have that were gifts from friends. Breaking up Christmas is what they used to call it in my neck of the woods and I got the last of the Christmas stuff put away today. Except for the lights which I leave up till next month.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The only house plants I have are a couple of bamboo shoots, which are very low maintenance, Larry. Unfortunately, I have never been good about having indoor ones survive very long so appreciate that you share news of your own. We also starting taking Christmas down, but not until this week and it was also a gradual process. Unfortunately, we did not seem to deceease the amount of holiday items, as we had hoped to do. And now that all is in containers that will be a task for next Dec. and, I agree with you that driving on snow and ice is not a favorite thing to do!