Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, January 21, 2016


I thought I was seeing ghosts.  I took a shot out the door through the storm door. It seemed to have a special look to it that I liked.  Up in the corner was a mystery for me that I could see things in the sky. I had to study it long and hard and  I now realize that the glass storm window that I was taking the photo through was reflecting the stuff piled on the kitchen counter right inside the door. The white bucket like container is what I use to take birdseed out to the feeders. The rest is the general clutter you get around a sink before you wash the dishes. Mugs and bowls and whatever else that was sitting there.  No ghosts this time but a special effect that I probably couldn't recreate, even if I tried.

It is corn.  Shelled corn was rare at my dad's farm as he didn't have a sheller.  He also didn't have a big combine that would shell it as he picked it.  It all came on the cob and was stored in corn cribs. A crib allowed the corn to be protected from the weather above and yet was open on the sides with slatted material so air could get to the corn. Corn on the cob would have to be dry or it could get moldy. My dad had his cribs lined with snow fencing. I bought my corn shelled like this in a fifty pound bag for 10 bucks. It was meant to feed the deer but I buy it for the squirrels. I remember when people would play bingo and corn kernels were used to mark their spaces.

I haven't shared a report on the amaryllis for a while but here it is.  It doesn't act like it is going to be a normal looking bloom but I will just wait and see.

I am in the middle school wing today teaching English.  We have spent a lot of time on punctuation and parts of speech identification.  I can probably identify most parts of a sentence now after being around it for the past semester.  They are all eighth graders and it has been a pretty good day.  I watched with the class a couple of speeches that they now tape to share for a grade.  One of the speeches was on how to wash your guinea pig.  The other that stuck out was a boy showing how to open a coconut.  That was a dangerous looking speech and loud as he used a hammer to open the coconut.

It is Thursday and I am glad that Friday is coming.  I will be in the special education room in the high school tomorrow.  We are warming up a little but it still is not melting any snow.  Thank you for stopping by today. 


Mildred said...

Through the years, I would get the reflection of a cat in the window without meaning to! I like your "ghost" effect! I know those squirrels love the corn. That's cute about using the corn kernels for BINGO. Can't wait to see the flower open.
I hope you guys will have a nice weekend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We paid $7 for 50 pounds of corn...but Iowa corn might be better than Minnesota corn! Your flower is looking good! I wonder how many blooms you will get...someone had five the other day:)

KathyB. said...

I know many people don't care for the snow, but I would love some here instead of the gray and mud. I think that is an interesting effect you captured on film.

The speeches sound very entertaining. I used to judge 4H speeches and demonstrations given by the kids and enjoyed listening to them.