Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday's Time to Share.............

The wooden carved tern enjoys the sunshine from the dining room window.  The two violets are blooming well.  I like seeing the carving as it makes me feel a little warmer even though it is very cold and snowy outside.

The newly installed recycled shelf is filled full already.  What is happening here is that it has become a catchall for now. The items on the shelves are there until I get things put away in the buffet. I think it is better to set things there temporarily rather than have empty shelves anyway.

On the opposite wall is the catchall cupboard lined with pottery on the top of it.  The first one is a piece I made in a college grad class.  The middle one came from California, bought at a now closed Sea World with a different name. Earthquakes were threatening the area and I don't remember the exact true name of the place.  The last piece of pottery is a very old pot made for tourist trade.  I don't think it was made by any famous pottery but it has a long history anyway.

The train pieces are now packed in a box and the box is labeled. It is fun to have the train out for display for a month each year.  It would be nice to make a shelf for the two train sets so I could display them year round.  I think there are more cars to this set.  When I return them to the upstairs storage room I will try to reunite them all together.  One of the cars has Montgomery Ward printed on the sides of it.

I am sort of saying "Good Grief" a lot today as I am subbing for various classrooms today.  I haven't played badminton since the 1960's.  I am teaching the skills to sixth graders today.  I had to teach them how to serve and how to literally watch the birdie to see where it is before you hit at it. It was a comedy of errors for most of them.  The 8th grade social studies I can handle but I can't get to class on time as it is at the exact opposite of the building from PE.

We are having nice weather today as they forecast that we should enjoy it now.  Winter in its full glory will be back by Friday and the furnaces will have to run long and hard. Thank you for stopping by today. 


Patsy said...

Well I sure wish you a good day at school.
And lots of sunshine.

Mildred said...

Always love seeing your violets. That's too cute about the kids playing badminton. It must be hard not to laugh at times!
Thanks for sharing these unique pottery pieces and I do love your newest shelf.
I cleaned out the 3 cabinets where I store mine and mama's china over the weekend. Finally separated the 3 sets and got them organized.
Stay warm.

The Furry Gnome said...

I like that carved tern.