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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Middle Day..........

Step into my office.  I am sitting in the wingback chair to do my blogging today.  While getting ready to download photos, I realized that I am almost sitting in the tree. My arm is touching it on my right as I work.  My automatic camera will never pick up the bubbles that are coming up in the tube filled with red fluid.

We still have a lot of snow on the ground so the pending snow for this afternoon and the rest of the week will freshen things up a lot. The natural gas worker had to clear the snow off of my basement door so he could go down and check on the meter.  They are planning to move the meter outside, which reduces their liability in case of gas leaks.  They have suggested they were going to do it before but didn't do it.  The meter sits right inside the basement wall which is probably how they installed them when the town brought in natural gas.  Most people have theirs outside now.

The one neighbor to the north clears a single path on my sidewalks for me.  It is meeting the city code to have your walks cleared.  The guy who does it for me gets a thank you gift each time that hangs on his door when he gets home from work. He does it because he wants to help out an old man.  The other neighbor is kind too but mostly he wants to play with his blowing machine.  He came by while I was at work and cleared a double path.  I suspect he was doing the walks for the new people in the yellow house.  Once he got started down the walk he just came on down.

New Christmas item for us is the statuary you see in the photo.  We were buying art and framing supplies and there it was on an 80% off sale. It will be a good balance for the mantle when we display it next year. The camels and angels are better proportioned to be with this new item.

No work for me today.  I found out later that I was subbing for the physical education teacher who had just become a father the evening before.  The other guy that  I also was covering his position was a young guy who was very ill.

I am getting ready to see how the weather is going to treat us today.  It is winter in Iowa and it does snow, rain, and sleet at a moments notice.  Thank you for stopping by today.  Everyone take care.

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Mildred said...

Pretty photo of the bubble light. I have a swivel rocker that I sit in with my laptop. I can look out the window or watch tv depending on my mood! Your snow looks so cold. We are expecting rain over the next few days. Kaboodle had a vet appt. this a.m. and we stocked up at Walmart before coming home. She is 14 now but keeps surprising us and the vet. We surely miss Harriet and Ditto who both passed away last year.
I still chuckle when I think of your description from yesterday of the kids playing badminton!
You two stay safe and warm.
p.s. great new photo of AJ on your sidebar.