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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Afternoon......

Nothing has melted today.  We didn't make it to a thawing temperature to cause any change in our landscape.  We have freezing rain predicted for Monday morning.  I can see the bunny tracks are all over this area.  I don't know how many rabbits we have but this is apparently a major pathway for one or more rabbits.

We were able to eat with AJ and his parents at their hotel Sunday morning.  AJ has always eaten a healthy breakfast since he was very young.  Breakfast seems to be his major meal as he enjoys bowls of fresh fruit, yogurt, scrambled eggs, cheese slices, and then his dad brought him a bowl of fruit loops. AJ enjoys all the different colors of the cereal.

He is a tall boy.  He isn't to be three until February.  He looks like he did last year at this time but this year he talks better.  He can ramble out a bunch of clear words in complete sentences.  He is very verbal and his brain is soaking in everything around him. I am sure that is normal for most kids this age but the way he communicates is really amazing.

We brought him a book that I retrieved from a garbage can a few years back.  It is about a girl that goes to pirate school.  The book is too old for him but he loves the excessive amount of illustrations.  He is soaking in everything from the pictures and we don't bother to read it as it is not to his level. All of the different pirate instructors were created in a variety of characters and he studied each one of them. We didn't read anything to him as the little girl in the story writes the story as if they are letters home.  She must be about 6th grade and stinking is her favorite adjective. 

He has become accustom to cameras but I know it has to be a little bit irritating.  His dad is as crazy at shooting photos as I am.  I have a great stash of new ones now.  That will last me for a while.

Our couple of days were great for us and we are now really very tired.  AJ is going to become a big brother in April so he needs to enjoy the only child position for a little while longer.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

I could tell he was tall, but then I have tall grandsons! Sounds like you had a good visit! Only a month past Christmas! :)

Mildred said...

Good Morning, I'm thankful you all could finally get together. AJ is a handsome little boy and when I compare his size to Ella, he is much taller (even though she is a couple months older than AJ) I know each of you are looking forward to the April arrival of the baby.
It's nice when a child has a good appetite. AJ really had a big breakfast! I hope you both get a little rest today. Take care.