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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, December 9, 2016


The Canada geese quit migrating from Iowa probably 20 years ago.  The more business development that took place with lots of artificial lakes the more the geese started to stay and not migrate. When I was a kid on the farm in southern Iowa there were rarely any geese  being in the area.  Now it is nothing unusual for us to see geese flying over parking lots and in corn fields.  This time of the year with all the crops harvested the geese can be seen and heard moving from farm field to farm field trying to fine stray grain. The geese in the photo are almost to of sight by the time that I snapped the shot.

I shared a similar photo on my Photo a Day blog.  The one cardinal has been hanging around in the yard this past month and now that I am putting out serious sunflower seeds  he is feeding in the backyard.

I spent a lot of time fixing a broken base of a Christmas stand on an artificial tree. I was able to buy a new base for the tree but had to saw off the old base. Nothing ever fits right so it took a while to get the tree rod to adapt to the new base.  Electrical wire tape worked great to get the two pieces capable for the fit.

The first tree is now done with all my glass blown ornaments. The tree that I repaired needs to have the bubble lights put on it and then I can finish putting ornaments on it.  The bubble lights seemed to have been lost and I did finally find them in a box in the basement.  The ornaments for it will be the ones of my smallest sized glass blown ornaments. We still have the large tree to assemble.

I am tired of the cold temps.  We took Barney to the vet this morning and I still feel chilled by being out in it.  Barney is doing ok for a 13 year old border collie.  The vet became disturbed that we had never told her that we have a wild raccoon and sometimes possums that roam on out property.  She said he could catch some really life threaten diseases from them if he walked in areas of where they walked.  Freezing weather eliminates the threat but next spring he will immediate have a new set of shots to be given to him.

We had changed his diet from a fat, lamb and rice dog food to more lean food. It was believed that the oils from that would keep his skin condition from flaring up.  It did not prevent his skin allergies this summer so we are feeding a food more intended for older dogs.  He lost 7 pounds this past year.  The vet didn't think he was underweight and the weight loss helped some with his wobbly back legs. His allergies lasted about a month or so. He feels better now that it is all done.  He is also glad to be home and away from the vet.

I hope everyone is having a good day today.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I wonder what other shots he will get? As you know we live in the woods too, no possums here but we have coons, fox, coyotes and wolves. We have Chance on a Lamb and rice food too. I wish he could lose seven good job with Barney! Your tree is looking really pretty! :)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

We have all of those mentioned, I hope the cats won't catch anything.
Your tree is gorgeous !
Pretty little red bird and friend :)