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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Juncos from the North.........

The junco birds head north for the summer but they seem to think our chilling temperatures are warm. They compete with the sparrows for food.  They do seem to hold their own territory without being too threatened by the sparrows. The junco does seem to be a peaceful bird.

I like how the junco looks like it has been dipped in white at the bottom of its body.  Their dark heads make their beaks give off an almost orange color.

The seed sock seemed to be ignored most of the summer.  I didn't see birds at the sock.  I was thinking that maybe the seed had gone bad but the juncos are now enjoying the feeder.  I don't see goldfinches visiting it yet.  I don't get them in the winter until they have changed their  colors to brown.

We rushed south this morning to get some purchases done for Christmas. We were told to stay off the road yesterday but I think we would not have had any probem.  It was a little slick on the roads this morning but the wind and cold is now moving in to our area.  It started snowing as soon as we returned home.

Our shopping didn't last very long.  We needed gift cards for our Sunday school classes and items to send to the the Mainers.  We will ship out things to our kids in Maine on Monday.  They won't get them on time but that is still fun for them to get packages in the mail.  We have other shipping to do for someone who isn't that far away from here in Iowa; Wednesday will be the deadline for sending that package.

Christmas is always a busy time.  We will go to the Chicago area after Christmas, so packages for them will not need to be mailed.  It seems to be a last minute crazy time to get things done but we usually do get it done.  The weather has really interfered with things which means will have to shop double-time and make lists to keep order in our work.  We will hunker down today and do the things we can while the storm moves on and maybe tomorrow will be better weather wise.

A real sleigh bell that is an image of  days of so long ago. It is nice to hold something from the past in your hand and imagine the sounds as the horse pulled the persons down the road. Thank you for stopping by today.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

This morning the car was covered in a fine layer of ice. The roads were slippery, but visibility was ok. But now.... The snow is falling pretty good here in Wellman. Sounds like it hit you guys about the same time. Good thing we decided to cancel our travel plans. I hate driving on slick roads.

It's always fun to see your Christmas ornaments and backyard pics.

Red said...

Not all juncoes go south. we ave juncoes that stay all winter. we get them in our christmas bird count.

Ginny Hartzler said...

What a lovely sleigh bell! Have you ever ridden one? We have the Juncos too. They are also called Snow birds. Because they only come here when it is winter! Just backwards from most migraters. Your pictures are so cute, they are all puffed up!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Our Juncos visit just before a snow storm, so I call them Snow Birds! Pretty little birds that are ground feeders here I have never seen them in a feeder. Stay warm! In a few days we will be 50 degrees warmer...such strange weather:)