Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, December 2, 2016


The last burning bush shows off now even though the other two bushes have shed their leaves weeks ago. If it snows heavily, I will return to get a photo of it in the snow.

The decorative pear tree is just now dropping its leaves making red spots of color in the yard.

I have had this tree for quite a few years and this year is the first time I noticed it puts out a small fruit.  I suppose as the leaves fall and the freezing temperatures hang around that the berry-like fruit will shrivel up and leave.

The large sycamore leaves spread through the neighborhood as the winds blow them around.

The birdbath collects things and keeps some of the leaves green. It isn't a photo of clarity but it is a reflective pool to admire.

The last of my wood pile that I didn't get burned before the city burning deadline.  I may use it in the fireplace but I need to cut it up first into smaller pieces.

It is another business day for us and travel is required.  Retired life seems to be so busy and I am glad I am free to do the things that have to be done.  Thank you for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

The birds will probably eat those berries! You sound happy doing your projects! :)