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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday Morn.......

The wind on Saturday was so strong that the birds were being blown out of my feeder. The capture of the snow with the wind is a new one for my skills. This morning the wind has diminished to 8 mph but the temperature was a -16 degree F.  Wind chills can be dangerous at any degree but this time it becomes impossible to be outside.

The birds need the food to keep up their energy levels. A few of every kind of bird can be seen on the bird feeder as they seem to think their differences are not so great when it comes to getting food. I did notice yesterday the the junco birds do have a problem with sharing with each other.  I saw them flutter and fan out their tail feathers to convince their own kind to get out of the way.  What is neat to see is that when the junco fans out its tail feathers, they show off a black and white fan of feathers.  My challenge is to capture that with the camera to share.

This cold is great for the penguins but humans don't like it so much. As I am blogging here, I noticed that the house was getting cold.  I thought something had gone wrong with our furnace.  It is up to -6 degrees now. When I checked out the thermostat I realized that I have the furnace shut down on Sundays while we are gone to church.  I am glad it does that but when we are stuck at home on Sunday, we don't need the heat to be at 65 degree F.  I over road the  the thermostat setting and maybe we will be warm again soon.

It will warm up some tomorrow to 27 degrees F.  That will seem like a heatwave and maybe we can get some Christmas shopping done.  It won't be fun if the wind is blowing but it must be done.

My new car has tire gauge sensors on it.  When we get this cold the air pressure reduces and the car has fits about it.  They keep warning me that I need to get to a service station. I do know that as I drive the car that the tires will warm up but it takes time.  On Saturday morning they eventually normalized as we drove to a Target store.  Last night though the OnStar people wrote my wife that our one front tire was too low in pressure. At 10:30 at night the satellite sensors said it was at 22 psi.  We, of course, were not driving the car, so there was nothing I could do with it.  I have had to deal with those tires the past few days because of the cold.  I am thinking that a normal car that has no sensors probably do the same thing.  I may have to move to Florida so it won't bother me anymore.

You know that you can still use them even when they get broken.  The glass blown one here probably will fall apart when we put it away after Christmas, but for now it can hang and shine.

One that isn't broken shines brightly with all of its colors. The indent designs were always magical looking when I was a little kid when I would see them.  I am sure we bought them at the hardware store back then in the 1950s.  The little bird seems to be tending its eggs in the nest in the foreground.

I have a weird one here but it is fun to see.  I do think that it is a plastic ornament with paint of the same nature that is used on the glass ornaments.  Angels and cupcakes do fit with the theme of Christmas, especially when the angel holds a star cookie.

I took a lot of ornament photos but I should shut down this posting for today. The house is warming up now. The fisherman was given to me by a blog friend from Indiana. I had given her some quilt books and she thought she wanted to share back things with me.  She found a lot of glass ornaments and shipped them to me.  She did say I would probably appreciate them but she didn't want them for her tree.

The fisherman ornament made me think of my dad, who loved fishing, so it will stay in my collection for good.  I have a fish that I didn't photograph that goes with it and I can share that later.

I don't quite like being housebound and that it is being too cold to try to go anywhere. I guess staying warm and having lots of down time today is a good thing.  We have presents to wrap for shipping and planning for our last week before Christmas. I am concerned for a lot of my blogger friends as I know a lot of them are a lot colder than I am. Tthey have a foot of snow or more. Everyone needs to wait this out though and warmth must be coming soon.  Thank you for stopping by today.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

In Alaska, it would get so cold that people's tires would all go flat! All at the same time! ( usually -35 or colder) I have one tire that seems to lose air, and this cold weather is tough enough on the Subaru. I'm not sure any vehicle likes the cold too much.

I hear it will be warming up later this week. Can't wait!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I like all your ornaments even the broken ones. We stayed warm all weekend, and mostly inside except for a few trips out with Chance! I am glad that cold siege is over and now it is much warmer here! form -29 to 23 today..unreal! Have your dealership check your tires, they have mine filled with nitrogen and every winter I need some added. We started looking at a new is all mind boggeling and difficult to decide. I hope you like your new vehicle! :)