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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tree Stuff.......

The old train of mine and my older brother's looks good under the tree.  It is a good time to dig them out and dust them off from being in their box for 10 months.  My brother and I received the train set back in 1957.  Santa wrote both of our names on the paper wrapped box secured with string.

I am sharing the "before" photo again to give you a frame of reference as to has far this tree was has come now.

The repaired  tree seems to be holding up ok but it does tend to have a lean to it.  I have all my bubble lights now working with one replacement bulb leftover. I added garland to this tree this year.  I have decided that it looks good but I am not very good at putting it on the tree.  The garland doesn't even show in the photo.

I am reminded of one of our neighbors who wold put up a crystal tree each year.  One year, she spent a whole day putting all those glass decorations on with all the white sparkly lights and then took them all back off again.  She thought she could do a better job.  I bet I could make this look better too but I am not going to do that. I won't take this down until I am done with the Christmas season.  I might throw the tree away though if doesn't shape up and stand up straight.

I did decode that the bubble lights will go onto the bigger tree as the cords for them are too long and are hard to tuck inside with a smaller tree. With the light cords and the bubble light cords things seem too crowded for ornaments.  Once the garland was put on it was like hanging ornaments on a netted tree.

There is still plenty of room for us on Christmas day to eat at the table.  The tree looks good in the window at night as our neighbors comment about being able to see it.

While watching the birds swarming the feeder, a rabbit wandered into the backyard pen to check out the seed that was falling on the ground. The rabbit was really more concerned about grooming itself though as he was stroking his ears and his fur.

Thank your for stopping by today.  I wish you all to have a great day.


It' said...

I love the bubble lights! The tree looks good, you barely notice that it leans a teeny bit. Very festive.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Beautiful tree and your Jim Shore Angel is so beautiful! :)