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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, December 19, 2016

Starting a New Week.........

I share this ornament every year because of its good design.  I like that it replicates the early American time period of child's riding horse on wheels.  The little bear on its back tends to blend in with the horse but he is used to hold a gold ring for the hanger.  Hallmark did a great job with this one.  I didn't live the era of the wooden riding horses but I have seen enough of them to appreciate their memory.

My wife's village is up on display now.  It is a fun village with all the details that makes each building special.  There are people in the window singing around a piano in the white church building.

Fireman are sitting together have a hot coffee while another guy is running off to deal with a small fire. I like the two story building with a bay window. Inside is an old fashion fire wagon on wheels.

Barney is busy catching up on his sleep.  He has had problems with the weather as his front paws get frosted from the severe cold.  He wants to walk his longer distances and then realizes halfway out the his front paws are burning.  I deal with his stubborn habits and force him to take shorter trips. I still had to get him up last night as he decided he couldn't walk any farther and just laid down in the front yard. I encourage him to run back to the house and he does do it.  I know he has lost some weight but I don't really want to carry home a half a block away.  Today we will warm up to 27 degrees F.  I am hoping his paws can tolerate those temps.

We have our day filled with things to do. Shopping and mailing things are on the list.  My brother's father-in-law passed away this past week. We attended Robert's 100th birthday party a few months ago.  We will go to a visitation tonight and then get ourselves home.  It is over an hour away so we will be out late for us.

It is Monday, so the week is a fresh new slate.  We will write things down and get this holiday done.  I heard a person say on tv that the good people can get twice as much done in a short period and still survive. I hope we are good enough. By Wednesday thing should look better and maybe we can relax by Friday.   I hope everyone in the central United States will now warm up to normal temps.  It will be welcomed to get back up above freezing.   Thank you all for stopping by today.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Barney is beautiful! And the Christmas village is amazing, so beautiful. I love the man in the red top hat. All the detail is wonderful!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to see Barney...he might need some booties. I am thinking about crocheting some for Chance, but I bet he doesn't like them. Hope you get all your stuff done and can relax! :)