Friday, June 14, 2024

Bird Feeder Wars.....

 It is an interesting growing pattern done by this rose.  Most times the middle rose is a different color and and informal number of blooms. Eventually they all fade to a white color. 

Direct sun light really spot lights the yucca blooms in early morning. The individual blooms afre bell shaped.

Water grass is an enemy to the looks of my garden flowers. The rains really made them grow tall and strong.

I got most of the clearing done until my friendly new neighbor came for a chat.  I didn't get done after he left but I can go out tomorrow and finish up small parts of it that need to be cleared. Close to be done but not done.  I did get all the grass tossed into the recycle bag. 

I was pleased to see this male goldfinch showing up to my feeders.  A female was there at the same time but was on the thistle seed feeder.  I have the neighbors now feeding next door and they are getting birds that don't come to mine. I guess I need to buy the expensive seed to bring them in to mine. 

Competing bird feeder wars, would make a great tv show.  Thanks for checking in today.


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Nice photos, nice post

Far Side of Fifty said...

Bird feeder wars...that would be fun! That rose is so pretty!

Val Ewing said...

I don't have any neighbors around to have birdfeeder 'wars' but I do know that some of the nicer and pricier feeds do tend to bring a bigger variety to the feeder.

I usually don't put out seed in the summer, but hubby loves watching the birds now so I do.