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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Hosta Review.....

I have not made a deliberate effort to collect these.  I guess as the years that have gone by I would pick up one that I knew that I didn't have. I worked one year for a nursery/grocery store and brought home two that I knew were totally different than any that I had at home.

I did go back and find this one and know it well as it has a long narrow leaf different than all of the others.   Some of the hostas are not really that great to look at but they do put out a great plant to fill up the garden spaces.  Because of some tree being removed from the yard I am going to make a planned area with hostas that can be viewed from the road. I had planted three groups of field lilies space evening many years ago and so now I can plant between them to make a good showing.

Outside work will be at a minimum as the humidity is heavy and it is warming up fast out there.  It was 73 degrees this morning but the humidity was at 94%.  That is not a comfortable temperature when the air is so wet.  It felt like particles of water were hanging in the air.

I am feeling like an older man than usual today so I will not work so hard today. Thanks for stopping by today. 


Red said...

Now , you could have labelled all these hostas so I could figure out what mine are!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You have a very nice collection of hostas!! :)

The Furry Gnome said...

Very nice Hostas Larry. Those almost-white ones are interesting. I feel like an old man every day!