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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth of July

Truck and all is shown in this flag scene.  You can also see the corn is growing up fast in the field behind the truck.  I have been sloppy lately with my editing of my photos. That truck could have been cropped out of there but I missed seeing it.

Farmer's blood inherited in my viens causes me to do such a thing. When a rock shows up in the field and their isn't time to get rid of it, they just sit it on top of a fence post.  I found these rocks down among the edge of the fence and some troll must have put them there. I picked them up when I was weeding the hostas and I see they are still there.  Two of those rocks are Minnesota stones.

The monarda is in full bloom and the bumble bees are everywhere. The bees really like the sweetness in the blooms. The plants blanket the area and grow well where other plants really won't grow.

The coneflowers that grow right next to the hollyhocks and are really putting on a show right now. It looks like I planted them together on purpose.  That really did not happen. Our damp cool evenings have helped to make the coneflowers have a much deeper color.  In really hot weather they tend to fade out in color.

One last variety just opened to show its colors.  It is a smaller daylily which is crowded by all that is planted around it.  The new garden area already has become overcrowded by my ambitious planting. I was in such a hurry to fill in the space that I didn't count on how big everything would become.  I have this daylily to pull out of the area and at least one of the hostas.

We are taking some of the Kernal's chicken to our friends apartment today and have a low key celebration.  The day is cool again and there was a light mist falling when I was out earlier today.   I will probably still water the tomato plants this morning to keep them growing bigger with bigger produce.  I have blooms on some of the tomato plants but they seem slow coming.  I guess when it turns hot tomorrow that it will help speed up the blooms.

I am glad we are still allowed to celebrate our forming of a democracy for our government.  In spite of those who have spent the past years trying to destroy that and the countries that are jealous of our past successes with a democracy, my hope is that we can return to a true democracy again. It is good that we take a day to remember our ways of life. It is sad that more are busy trying to remember the beer rather than remember how important representative government is for this nation. I hope everyone has a good day today.  Thanks for stopping by at my blog.


Patsy said...

Glad you did not crop the truck, that photo is America, corn fields
and all.

Mildred said...

Beautiful photo of your flag and I love seeing the view of your garden/yard. We purchased a new flag recently, our old one had faded badly. How is your wife's friend doing? I know she appreciated your visit. We usually stay home on holidays due to the traffic, crowds, partying, etc. Our young neighbor with the new baby brought us home baked bread and her first attempt at canning green beans as a going away present.
I love your rocks. My brother Larry and I tease John because he loves to collect and move rocks around. We call him The Rock Man!