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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, July 23, 2016


There are two of these bluejays that have been feeding in the back yard.  They love the honeysuckle berries, acorns from the neighbors old pine tree and sunflower seeds at the bird feeder. My wife and I have decided that they must be newly hatched as that black band on their head is way too large.  I don't think the topnotch is quite developed yet either.  If any birders out there really know about it, let me know.

The heat continues.  I see today that the major part of the dome has moved east now but we are still in it.  Our cooling down at 7:00 tonight is not going to happen though, as they kept telling us that it would stop. Our nights have been so humid and very warm.  The best our air conditioners can do is to keep the humidity down and that does make it more comfortable.

The heat really doesn't effect the coneflowers.  They seem less in numbers this year but the single plants have put out abundant stems and buds this year.

My mystery bud is opening this morning.  I will share the surprise of the colors of it tomorrow.  I don't think I have ever seen this one bloom.  I do know that I have spent all summer picking it up off of the ground.  I will get a photo today to share.  I will get a metal stake on it now that I see how special it looks.

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The heat doesn't stop their blooms but it does slow down the number that are in bloom at a time. You can see in the photo that there are plenty of blooms yet to be opened.

Here is a progress report on the mounting of things from the old basket.  Nothing here is attached but I am laying things out in rectangular groupings to see what it could look like.  I have a lot of crochet things that have to go on here too.  I really am not enjoying this project.  It will happen and I will probably like it when I get it done.  It is a too much time for too little money situation.

It is Saturday and I need to water everything outside.  I need to mow grass but won't. The temps never cooled down enough to even give me a chance to go out early morning.  The city mowed our big mistake ditch yesterday for the first time this year.  I won't share a photo of what is there and it is no big thing. No plans for today as it is hot.  We need to take care of two dogs with a lot of special needs and we are too tired to go out.  The weather does wear on ones strength and nerves. 

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Far Side of Fifty said...

I know what you mean about the heat, it was tolerable today and I spent some time outside until it rained.. talk about humidity after that! Stay cool, I am so thankful for AC!!!
That shadow box is going to be wonderful...with your good eye it will be a real show piece!!
I am behind on reading and comments, my computer was really slow for a few is better now.
Stay cool! :)

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Love the butters...and the cat. hehe. Red Admirables are my favorite butterflies. But, I pretty much love them all.

The Hot weather and heavy rains here in Wellman are doing a number on our cone flowers. Despite my best efforts of stringing them up, they are now all laying down over the sidewalk. Luckily they are still attached and continue to grow.

As always, love the pictures!