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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday's Things........

The blooms have finally set on my tomatoes. It has been a long time coming from seed to this stage. We had another tough thunderstorm last night.  The winds scattered dead sticks and broke small branches from the silver maple tree. The lightening strikes were very close and causes us to have really loud thunder.  It looks like we had another inch and a half of rain.  We may get caught up on the moisture in the top soil with the past few days of rain.  More rain predicted for this evening.

My one patch of 12 plants are planted along the outside of the dog fence.  They didn't really have any damage from the storm even though one of them sprawled out a little in shape.  I catch the grass from the mower and plan to keep mulching the plants with it.  I don't have to weed and the moisture will stay put under that mulch.

I really think the cool days last week slowed down the growth of these plants. Our hot and steamy weather does make them happy though. The shrubs on the right here slow down there sun in early morning but for the most part they are in full sun the rest of the day.

One last shot for the day is this flower that reminds me of a tiger lily, but it is not.  I can't seem to get the tiger lilies to live in my garden as I have tried to grow them.  This yellow with spots flower is one that I have had for many years.  It has four bulbs now and all the stems get so tall that they want to lay down on the ground.  The wind last night had them all flat.  I think a steel post and some twine will fix them up if I can get that done today.

I am starting off slow this morning but I am relieved to have two of the projects out of the house.  I had to mat a couple drawings for a young girl.  She had drawn them to give to her doctors that she visits once a year in Florida.  My wife had a project of writing a Bible verse out on the front of glass of a portrait picture frame. We found an oil based ink pen that lets one write on glass.  Both of those projects left the house yesterday.

I am hoping to be shouting loudly today to tell the world that the crochet job is done.  I keep taking pictures and barring an earthquake or forest fire I should have that done today.
We have sun right now as the clouds have moved out of our area.  With the sun we will now again have heavy humidity and a little less hot day.  Summer in Iowa is the same at being different every single day.  Thank you for coming by the place today.  Have a great day.

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Karen said...

I enjoyed your pics. I am sure hungry for vine ripened tomatoes!