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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday's Finals for the Week.......

After sharing all my sunflower photos I have the urge to dig out my paints and create a Van Gogh sunflowers painting.  I will have to go back now and take different shots of the bloom as I have now shared all of the ones I took a few days ago.  It will be hot than ever today but it seems fitting to have high temps when you shoot photos of bright yellow flowers.

It took me many years to finally get phlox to grow in my garden.  I don't know why it was so difficult as now I am fighting with it as if it is a weed. I don't know the genetics of the plant but from what ever variety that I first bought I now have a variety of colors blooming in the garden.  The white blooms are only in one location.  I have deeper colors of magenta and of course pink colors.

Butterflies seem to be rare insects in my garden this year.  With all the moisture I would think there would be more.  The dragon fly insects are everywhere.  The lightening bugs are out every night and have been almost all of the summer.  They usually are only around for a few weeks.  I was still seeing them last night when I walked the dog late last night. I usually walk Barney before we go to bed as it has cooled off later in the evening.  Last night it was still in the lower 80s and very humid.

I mentioned earlier this week that the rains had done a lot of damage to the hardy geraniums. I noticed this morning that they are bouncing back with new blooms opened already. I of course will have photos of that to share.

This plant is such a mess right now.  I had it inside all winter and it grew out in elongated fans.  I had it outside for a short period of time and the rains flooded the pot.  The container is an antique pan and I apparently didn't want to put drain holes in it.  I had to lay the whole thing on its side and I will be looking for some different containers to plant these in probably individually. This plant has history as a friend of a friend brought a huge pot of this variety home from Texas/Mexican border.  I now have three different containers of it.  I think I gave the science teacher a planting of it.  I need to fine more people to share (dump) these plants.

I mentioned this project yesterday in the blog.  I am going to just attack the project as if I know what I am doing.  The basket is full of crocheted things, old lace, many knitting and tatting tools. Antique spools of thread as shown will be used as long as they are not too large.  I even found an old straight pin in a piece of cloth that I was washing.  It was all rusted.

The dust/dirt on the whole batch of things is being removed,  I can't wash everything but most cloth items are washed now.  Silk cloth strips and purchased manufactured lace and crochet pieces are also cleaned now.  I think that the frame will be the last thing I make as I want to see how much space it will take to display it together.

I am weary from the heat.  It has taken its toll on everyday life as if you can stay home, you do stay home   I went to get the mail yesterday and there were no cars on the street. We had some rainstorms go through the state early morning and it did drop in temperature temporarily.  I opened all the windows to let in the 75 degree air.  I closed it up an hour later and am taking the humidity no with the air conditioners. Button isn't bothered too much with the heat as he sleeps longer and stronger with it hot.  Barney is very bothered by the warm weather and he will seek out the fan to lay down in front of to get relief.  I have been brushing him twice a day now everyday to get as much fur off of him that I can.  His natural shedding process just would never get rid of it.  He loves to be brushed and glares at me with teeth if I brush him in the wrong areas. 

I hope all is well with you in blog land.  I know a lot of us are suffering with this heat and high humidity. We are promised that Saturday evening we will see the change back to normal temps.  Everyone be careful and thanks for stopping by today.


Patsy said...

Sun flowers shout of joy, Your flowers still look great.
Show us as you go along on your antique project it will be a real treasure, "love it".

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have lost all my Phlox so I think you are lucky!! Mine winterkilled...too cold. I wish we could bottle this heat for next winter. I really enjoyed your sunflower!! :)