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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

After the Storm.......

The very harsh thunderstorms are now gone. We received a lot of lightning, very loud thunder, and the continue roar that comes with a storm like this. The only thing we didn't receive was the large amounts of rain.  The dog had me up during the storm and I was concerned about getting very wet. It wasn't a problem. We were getting all of the effects of the storm but not really much rain.  It did sprinkle out a half inch of rain later, in the early morning.  We didn't have wind damage but they did have in the county north of us.

The half inch of rain did make things look a little washed out.  I won't water tomatoes today unless they get wilted from our 90 degree F. heat  I had watered everything yesterday with fertilizer to give all of the plants a boost.  I use to follow a blog that had a Friday blog called fertilizer Friday.  I don't treat mine that well but about ever 10 days I do give them some nitrogen.

This lily took two days to put out some more blooms.  It opened up four new blooms overnight and apparently lked the half in rain.

I kept my hardy geranium in the basement over the winter.  They were neglected and most of them looked dead.  I did have some which showed some signs of life at early spring time. This planter has yet put out one bloom to show me what color I had saved.  In some ways the stems of a geranium can put off the look of a bonsai in the way it projects its stems. Time will tell what color it is but fertilizer and water has really brought them back to life.  I did cut away a lot of dead plant this spring and it still did grow.

I took a picture of the ugly a few days ago.  It is a tray for water for the birds but I bet no bird ever visits this tray.

We have errands to run today as I came to a halt with one of my projects.  They make an acid free white tape that I like to use.  From my own experience, masking tape withers away in time and doesn't keep its stick.  Masking tape also puts out a stain on the back of any artwork or print.  Acid free tape doesn't do that.  We will have a second storm coming through today but it will be getting the top part of it.  The major part will go south of us.  If we get some more rain it would be appreciated. It will be hot again today despite the rains so staying inside will be mandatory.  I hope all are well.  Thank you for your visit. 


Far Side of Fifty said...

Stay cool! The storms have been all around us so far! :)

Mildred said...

Good Morning, Beautiful sky photo and flowers. We finally rec'd rain yesterday and of course I was out in it! I stopped at the drive-in to order our hot dogs and when I rolled down the window, I got soaked!
Thanks for sharing about the acid free tape. I did not know about it. Through the years, I've purchased thrift store framed art and wondered what caused the stains. Wishing you guys a very nice day and hugs to Button and Barney.