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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday's Things.......

The small sunflower has grown up from the seed fallen from the bird feeder.  It is a small bloom in which I took many photos.  I have decided to share a sunflower photo a day rather than show them all at once.  So sunflower for today is shown with all its brilliant colors. Actual size of the flower is probably 8 inches across.

This is my moss rose picture for the day too.  The plant has regrouped and is putting out a lot more blooms than it has the past two weeks. Some of the blooms do have a similarity to a rose flower.

This surviving bud has now bloomed out and I have a lot of shots of it.  I will share a couple of them today.  The rains are going to take the flower out very soon as it doesn't like all that moisture on its fragile petals.

To have this rose survive the Iowa winters makes it a winner rose for me.  I have only three other roses and they don't perform that well. This rose will give me another set of blooms before fall.  I will have to cut it back to get that to happen though.

When I was a kid I would help walk the corn and bean rows on my Dad's farm.  These were called button weeds, or that is what my Dad called them, and we were to cut them down.  They can grow very large and cause a corn picker or a combine to have some problems. This weed is growing in my ditch created last summer by the city.  I tried mowing some of it the other day and pulled muscles in my one leg. The slant is not a good one and the mower wants to roll or slide to the bottom of the ditch rather than to allow me to mow it. I have decided not to mow it.  I don't have a gas weed eater and my cord would not reach that far.  As it grows bigger I can find a hoe and knock it down from the road.  I had forgotten about button weeds and tree foil until the ditch started growing them for me to see again.

I snapped another one of these shots as they just keep showing off their blooms. They should be gone in another week.

I am surprised of the colors of the blooms on hostas.  Sometimes they don't seem to be a color that should be matched with the leaves of the plant. This has been a great year for all the hostas and they are getting rain again today.  I know this will be our less hot day for the week as the rest of the week is suppose to be filled with high hot temperatures causing higher heat indexes. 

I am having a slow morning today.  I got the blogs done and now I will move on to other things.  I hope all is well with you.  Thank you for stopping by today.

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