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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tuesday, yes it is...........

The skies seemed innocent enough as I looked at them both west and east.  The humidity was horrific. My midnight it was time for a cold front to come through and thunder and lightening followed.  Large drops of rain at first came down with great speed.  The rain was cold as Button and I were out in it at the beginning of it.  We have had a good rain again and it has temporarily cooled off this morning.  I have branches that have fallen from the trees with nature pruning them back for me.

The phlox took a beating as usual when it rains.  I got this shot yesterday afternoon.  I could smell the fragrance from the flowers as I took the photo. A lot of my flowers took hits from the rain as the little flowering parts do just get washed away from the main flower.

I had picked up two containers of these wave petunias on Sunday.  I planted one container of them in an empty pot at my neighbor ladies house.  It was sitting empty all summer so I had looked for something to put in it.  I then yesterday planted our petunias in a pot of soil that too was just sitting there on our patio.  Volunteer tomatoes were coming up in the soil. I read from one friend that it is going to vine so I plant to put the pot upon a small metal outside table so it can drape down as much as it wants.

As I was taking photos of the blooms I noticed they have one red, one white, and one pink plant in their container.  As the plants vine together it looks like a multi flora plant, but it isn't.

The pink one seems less healthy but I bet it will catch up with the other two.  I fertilized them yesterday along with all 24 tomato plants and the other potted plants on the patio.  I have not once had to turn on the garden hose this year as the rain barrel keeps me supplied with water

My memories of petunias go back to when I was a kid and all that was sold in colors for petunias in southern Iowa was this gaudy, strong colored, red orange petunia.  I think everyone thought that was the only color out there and I know stores only sold that color.  I remember the town near us would fill up all their street planters with them every year not putting any other flowers with them.

 I don't think they are so popular anymore as they are hard to grow in a hot climate.  Most people have moved to plants that take our climate in a better way.

My mandevilla survived the indoors all winter and I have it back outside now.  I think it should go into a larger pot.  I don't see any buds forming on it.

This mini sunflower is going to bloom soon.  It is growing from the seed from the bird feeder.  I had one grow in the same area last year.  I planted new sunflower seed this year and nothing came up.  I planted leftover sunflower seed and that too did not come up.  I must be doing something wrong with them.  I can't believe that I planted them too deep.  Anyway, no photos of large sunflowers will be blogged this year.

Crowded flowers reminds me of my internet mail troubles.  I have always had a yahoo address as my mail for the Google account.  Adding an iphone to the mixtures of companies has caused me to again loose all of my mail for the second time.  When I look it up on the internet I find iphone people totally disgusted as the yahoo mail is dropped, deleted, cause to be eliminated on the iphone.  It deletes my mail both on the computer and the phone.  All mail is gone.

To make Google happier, I created a g-mail account.  I will make it my primary address once I get it all figured out. I am going to abandoned yahoo for sure as I can't count on them anymore. When google bought off picasa and also blogger, the marriage was not all so great.  I can view my photos in picasa now and also in Chrome photos. One friend warned me that picasa may get shut down as time goes on.  As a former tech person for a school for a lot of years I find Google has really made a mess of things.  I guess once I walk away from yahoo and once I get a new computer I will maybe settle down.  I just hate it that I can't understand what is going on with it and I don't want to lose mail every few months.

If you emailed me and I didn't respond, I probably lost it.  I will consider it a rough road for a while until I get my primary address going and everyone gets a hold of it.

Thanks for stopping by today. 


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Lovely blooms once again, Larry, and glad the flowers survived the downpour you mentioned. I use Gmail exclusively now because I was having problems getting Hotmail and later Microsoft Outlook mail on my iPhone.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your flowers are lovely. Hope your weather straightens out, it was cooler here today. I like cooler:)

The Furry Gnome said...

Google is so helpful in some ways, but so frustrating at other times. They cut me off while I was in Europe becauae "someone had tried to sign into my account in a new location" - it was me!