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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday's a Go..........

I was surprised to see this bloom yesterday afternoon.  I had a photo of a sad looking bud but the rose did develop its petals into a good bloom.

As you can see here the bud did not look very healthy.   I missed its earlier bloom time as the rose would have had those reddish colors at first before it fades into pale pink to a white in color.

The promise of cherry tomatoes is beyond the dream stage. This is the first batch of them that has started to turn color.  I have a lot of branches of these so we should have some good tomatoes to eat. 

I had promised to share a photo a day of this sunflower and I see that I mess up that sequence already as I didn't post one yesterday. I have not seen this flower follow the sun so far but maybe it will the more it matures.

While mowing the back part of the orchard I was surprised to see the William Baffin putting out one loan bloom. I am thinking that it may rebloom later on this fall. The vines sure are healthy this year and it has done so much better after I took out all the old dead stalks. The thorns on this rose can be ugly and rip you skin open easily.

The next large framing job that I have to do is a shadow box.  It was asked of me to take the contents of this old basket and display it under glass.

As of what was in the basket you can see here in this one photo. I have to wash most all of it to get the dust of of it and to clean what stains that I can off of the items. This is just one photo of many that I took as the material in the basket covers my whole work counter. I will share more photos but for now it all seems to overwhelming. 

I won't spend much time on the weather as it continues for three more days.  Our cooling system keeps us with lower humidity but the house just can't get so cool with the heat staying around at night.  As a kid in southern Iowa I remember we would have to get blankets and just lay outside in the yard.  It would be still 80 degrees but the sun wasn't shining.  It was more pleasant than the inside of an old house.

I discovered things about my visitors to my blog that made me pleasantly surprised.  I don't have a lot of followers but it looks like at least a third of you do stop by to visit the post regularly.  I don't know who you are but I will start to write and think of all of you as my audience.  I may pretend some days that you are some person out in the boonies in a swamp or in the desert.  It inspires me to write when I think of the people that I know are checking in regularly.  I thank you all for stopping by today.


Dolly said...

Why, thank you, Larry. James and I are an old couple living in middle Tennessee, about 2 hours southeast of Nashville. He's a 4-stroke survivor and I'm his cranky wife/caregiver. Think of James when you post the bird photos, as he LOVES feeding our local feathered friends. Think of me when you post the flowers, as I LOVE to feed my soul enjoying God's amazing beautiful growing things.
And thank YOU for stopping by and commenting on my quilting adventures every now and then. I understand about this latest job of yours feeling overwhelming. I returned my last commission finally when I realized I really had no interest in doing and had agreed to do so in a moment of being caught off-guard. Don't be afraid to speak don't have to do EVERY commission with which you're approached. But, you DO do a lovely job on the ones I've seen you share.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your flowers are gorgeous and that first rose bloomed just lovely.

Oh my, it will be so interesting to see how you mount all of the items from that basket into a shadow box frame. WOW!

Enjoy each day ~ FlowerLady

Red said...

You have a good blog. I read it everyday but seldom comment. Hard work will pay off with a successful blog.