Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday's Sharing..........

They are faded and weathered. The last two blooms of this one plant for the season.  It is a sign of the fall season that is to come.

This is my recycled hardy geranium.  I had it weather through the winter in the basement with no care from me.  It looked pretty sick in early spring but now it looks like I had bought it at the nursery.

The harvest of cherry tomatoes started last week.  This is my second picking for tomatoes for salads.  My other tomatoes are in their building stage of filling in the green tomatoes into full sized ones. I hope that I can start picking roma tomatoes soon.

A different swallowtail was hitting the flowers in the garden yesterday.  I went out with camera in hand and caught glimpses of the very hyper insect. It was the kind that "hit and run" the flowers and then it was gone. I don't think butterflies have personalities but this guy was on a mission.  The last that I saw of him he was flying over the tops of the apple trees and heading to another neighbor's yard.

This framing job will be on high priority this week as I am ready for it to be off my counter. This is not the final arrangement but it seems like it could work. I don't have a frame bought so I will do that after I get this all all assembled and attached.

Sunday activities will be going on today and then home for some rest.  Our weather is good again today and then we will warm up for the whole week.  Thank you for stopping by today.


Patsy said...

The framing looks great, It is a real treasure.

Mildred said...

The geranium sure is a beauty. Oh how I love those cherry tomatoes. They make a salad so good.
That looks like a difficult framing job.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Interesting project...put one of the wooden needles across the part where your two piece of mat meet! What a great group of items. Your tomatoes look yummy!
Yes it is hard when our dogs get old, hard for them and hard for us. Give Button a good pat from me:)