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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday's Showing......

They seem to stay green for a long time.  Maybe I can start taking shots of them with color soon.

Somehow life has gotten so busy that I let the white lilac bushes grow to 25 feet.  That is not an exaggeration.  I planted them there probably 30 years ago and I kept saying I need to thin these out.  Now there are palm trees way high where the only foliage is and the flowers are but they can't be seen. I told the neighbor that I just really had not taken notice.  They were shading out their grass and one batch was leaning heavily on their fence.   I worked two days with a trimming saw and have taken down over half of them.   I still have about 8 tall stalks of lilac bush to go.  I saw them down to about three feet from the ground and I will dig out the chainsaw to cut them out of there.  It will take a couple of years but the new sprouts will be up and it can bloom again.

I was sitting at the patio table trying to cool down after my second sawing session.  The rugged looking trim saw was my dad's and its blade will slice right through that kind of wood.  There is also a 40 year old honeysuckle bush there that I will have to deal with.  The wood of that is a lot harder to saw by hand.

I thought the view of this lily regrouping was an interesting one to see.  They bloom out then fade away and a few days later a new batch starts to bloom again.

When they regroup this is what it looks like again,  Last night's rain was hard on them again.

One last photo to share today is this planter of moss rose. They seem to have regroped from the past and as blooming wee

It was raining early morning with lots of thunder and now it is hot again with heavy humidity.  It is not comfortable.

Thank you for stopping by today.

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