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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Saturday's Stuff.........

There will be pie again this year. I was certain that the hard freeze was going to take out everything.  I was wrong. It did effect parts of the trees but in many spots the apples are growing normally.   One apple tree will not have apples and another has partial areas of apples.  This one looks the best so far. Maybe the garden shed gave it protection during all the coldness. I don't have photos yet but the pears are better than ever.  My friend Gordy who has bees, has helped my fruit trees out again this year.

I keep taking shots of the monarda, bee balm, and then they don't get shared on the blog.  Between the  phlox and the monarda I never have to mow grass in this area anymore.

The close view of the bee balm shows its unusual bloom.  The patch is busy with bees and butterflies visiting the flowers.  I don't see the honey bees but I am sure they are there. The bumblebee is so much larger that I see them out there often.

I have one stray phlox that has bloomed early.  The rest of them don't have buds on them yet. I am getting some wilt in the phlox and maybe will thin the plants so they can dry out faster after a rain.

I have shared this plant numerous times but this one time Button and I were able to take the shot without all the reflections. With the dog in my right arm I definitely took a quick point and shoot photo with the left hand.  It works as long as I can keep that left hand from shaking.

I do think that I will now move more lilies into this area as it seems to be the perfect spot for them to grow.  I have a few stray plantings that just need to be better organized and place here against the fence.

I have concluded that these are stargazer lilies.  The beige color isn't my way of identification but the fragrance is definitely of a stargazer lily.  I vaguely remember planting these a few years ago.

The side view of the same bloom shows this set of stripes on the back side.

I am burying you with all these photos. I keep thinking of different things to shoot and I will get more other things rather than flowers.  We are headed to the bookstore for a little down time and maybe a sandwich for lunch too.  The new magazines should be out. People will be out and about doing their holiday things so there might not be a crowd. We are going to be cold all day today.  It has been a strange summer weatherwise.  I had sprinkles this morning while taking the small dog outside.  It makes it more cold and damp with the sprinkles.  It is a good day for the dogs to take naps all day and stay inside.   I wish you all a very good three day weekend.  Thanks for stopping by today.

We call him "Meow, Meow" but the neighbor girl says his cat's name is "Jose."

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Mildred said...

A visit to the bookstore sounds very nice. I love seeing Meow/Jose. Sure looks comfy! Your bee balm is beautiful.