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Monday, March 1, 2010

Shapely leg........

I have mentioned my connection with a couple "John and Iva" who lived on a living history type of farm south of us. As they were making their plans to move into town, Iva, was placing some of the everyday things into others homes. 
When we would visit them, you would walk up a slanted screened porch and walk into the kitchen. There was a pump still installed on the sink where you could hand pump water from a cistern that was built under the corner of the house. One would also see the wood burning stove, which took up most of the kitchen floor space. It was converted over to propane when that became popular, but the chimney was still in the room.  To the right was a kitchen klatter cupboard and in front of the window was a table with a cloth on it, two foot by three foot in size. It didn't look like it was much of a table.
This table was what Iva used for her food preparation, and it also was where the two of them sat for breakfast.  The chairs to the table were old wooden chairs that had the backs of them removed so they could slide under the table and not take floor space.  The backs probably had been partially broken so it was easy to use them as a bench seat instead of a chair.

As I was about to graduate from college, Iva called my mother and asked if I wanted the table and said she would give it to me if I were going to use it and not immediately throw it away.  I had never seen the table, but said of course I wanted it as it was their's and it was probably old. I had envisioned that it was one of the old pine painted tables.

My parents picked it up from their home and when I was able to see it for the first time without a tablecloth, I was surprised to see it was a solid oak kitchen table with two fold down leaves.  It had some small hint of stenciling on it as a painted design but most of it was gone. I was more than pleased to have it.

Also on that table sat a container that held all their everyday silver ware.  It was put there after it was washed and ready for the next meal or for quick access for daily needs.  It actually is a large sugar bowl but it has tall sides so spoons and forks could stand up in it.  This is a  frosted glass piece and is shows a lot of wear and tear. As you can see in this photo I have a water stain to take care of on the table.  I was busy with a fall project so I didn't get it out side to refinish it.  I want to take the sander to it and then give it a new finish as it has been used now over forty years.

The sunburst pattern on the bottom is typical of a lot of the glassware you find out there that it old. It was a design used by many different companies. I have never seen the pitcher to this sugar bowl, but someday it may show up when I am not expecting it.  One woman I knew would use this design and press it into the top of her ginger cookies before baking them.  If I remember ginger cookies usually are left in a ball shape before being put in the oven, but she pressed them flat anyway. I bet you can imagine why she did this as she was called by everyone, Grandma Starr.
I am having a little punky back problems so I am late on my blog.  I hate getting older than what I want to be but I do want to continue to get older.   Thanks for reading......


Rae said...

I bet that table will beautiful once it is refinished. Even with the water stain the oak wood is nice. The connection to its history and the people who owned it make it extra special.
I hope you get to feeling better from your back flare up. Back discomfort is really distressing.

The Retired One said...

Nice table and nice sugar bowl..I love the camphor glass they used to have out there!

David - Pinewood Cottage said...

I thought i was going to see that leg shaped lamp from the Christmas Story Movie with "Ralphy". Oh well, the table is beautiful and the fact that it has a rich history makes it that much more interesting.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

It's a beautiful old table !
I just love epitomizes timeless.
How kind of of Iva to ask if you would like to have it, she knew instinctively you treasure it, and you have !
That's a lovely piece of glass with that same pattern on the bottom, I bet it looked grand filled with the tableware.
Lovely piece of history you have shared.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

What a nice table and pretty sugar bowl. I like the idea of using the pattern on the bottom to press onto cookies.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have some nice items there Larry. It is always fun to find something unexpectedly as your table there. :) The Bach

Rosaria Williams said...

You'll work your magic on that table.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Lovely old will get it all fixed up! I remember lots of homes had a container for silverware smack dab in the middle of the was easier than setting the table.. I still use that method some days..I just use a sturdy glass. I hope your back gets better:)