Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday's Things..............

The downy woodpecker is the most loyal of all my wild birds to come to the feeder.  This one seems to think there might be bugs in my wooden feeder but he she didn't peck on the wood.  She may have been working on a seed to get it open with her beak while holding steady on the side. The cold has come back to  Iowa so I would expect to see more birds back to the feeder.  The chickadee likes the seeds that is inside the suet and it will come once in a while get to them.

The only snow we see right now is the snow under my wife's village.  We have never named the town but it is a nice set up this year and it should get a name.  The people seem to be so nice to each other and the firemen sit outside the front of their firehouse waiting for the next fire call. The choir in the background do sing and the little boy is selling evergreen trees for Christmas.

A not so good looking cardinal seems a little sad.  He is a one of the birds a calling in the Days of Christmas song.

I messed with the camera a couple of days ago to see if I could imitate two different bloggers who were showing this kind of thing on their posts. I had to take the camera off of the automatic setting and find a setting that would stay open for a while in order to get enough light for the snap.  It did work and I have too many of these tree design to share.

The little dog is looking up to see where his other three dog friends are on the tree.  He has strange spots on him but he looks like he is always smiling.  The red dot for a tongue is a nice touch for him.

By nine o'clock this morning I successfully removed my antique squirrel cage fan from my furnace.  The timing is not great but we are safe and warm.  We don't want to get out today but the place to buy a new fan sits in the Des Moines airport area.  I have never been there but we will have to make the journey, cold weather or not.  The original heating system was a coal burning system and the heat rose naturally.  It isn't ideal but it does do that pretty much on it's own.  It just isn't as immediate as one wants it to be.  The furnace is built to shut down when the heat box gets to a certain temperature and then that heat has to move up and out. When it cools down then, the thermostat start it all up again turning on the heat.  I actually have some fans on a couple of vents upstairs to get it moving until I get the squirrel fan replaced.  A blowing fan on the intake vent does have to make air come out on the other end.

I hope all are doing well.  With winter returning, we are all not happy with that but it was a nice break from the extreme cold.  Thanks for stopping by today. 


KathyB. said...

I love winter days mostly because they limit what we do and where we go , and excepting emergency needs, I discover we really have most of life's necessities. This actually seems freeing to me, I am able to think on and appreciate so many things the busyness of the rest of the year doesn't allow time for.

We have a wood stove and many times in the winter power outages from storms keep us near the wood stove. We cook on it too. Even though it seems inconvenient, I now see our many nights without electricity over the years fondly, as our family gathered together without the distractions of t.v. and the internet, and I miss those times. However, I really do appreciate electricity and am thankful those times are limited, making them all the more special.

I love the pic of the tree with the lights spiral and foggy. What our Christmas tree looks like to me when I am not wearing my contacts !

The Furry Gnome said...

Nice pic with the blurry Christmas lights. Ours are all just white, but yours are coloured, and it gives a nice effect.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope you found the right fan! Add furnace repair man to your list of accomplishments! :)