Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday's Wandering.........

While the red bellied is savoring a seed from the suet, a  Junco looks on maybe in amazement.  It has been busy out at the feeders with the weather turning to be so cold.

The female goldfinch turns browner in the winter.  She is checking out this webbing that is holding the seed and she pokes her beak trough one of the holes to pull one out.  

Another village view of a Victorian house with its Queen Anne tower. This photo reveals the behind to scene shot of all the wires that are required to light the houses. 

I am saving back the photo of the manger scenes until we get closer to Christmas.  The donkey and sheep are resting though in this picture.

While looking things over on the tree today I realized that there must be one more box of ornaments somewhere.  I know that I had a box of small balls and some really small ones of different colors.  I will look tomorrow for something that has been put aside.  I was going to swipe some of the smaller ones and put them on a new wreath and I could only find one gold one.  Something is amiss. My mind probably is the problem.

Our furnace is not repaired but it is working order.  I ended up ordering the fan that I needed on the internet.  I have a temporary fix with a fan that will run continually, blowing air through the entire vent system.  It actually is doing a great job as the heat remains a more even heat.  My new blower was shipped this morning and I should have it by Thursday afternoon.  It will be great to put it in to replace that very old set up. I drug the old squirrel fan out from its area this morning and only two rusty screws were holding it in place. It will go to the recycle place this spring.

Various circumstances were preventing me from buying a new furnace this summer.  A new furnace will be in our future as those things change. If the new fan succeeds, it will be in early spring that a new system can be installed. It is nice that we are staying warm with such cold windy weather.

I thank you all for stopping by today. 


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Good bird closeups, Larry, and sure they enjoy that you filled the feeders and suet, especially now.
Enjoyed seeing some of your Christmas decorations and that gives me a thought to take some photos of ours. We also have a village, Dept 56/New England and it is a challenge to hide the wires too. I also have a couole of nutcrackers bought years ago and made in Germany vs. china.

The Furry Gnome said...

I like that nutcracker with the fur hat!

Far Side of Fifty said...

My nutcracker only has a wooden hat! Good to hear you are getting the furnace situation fixed, but it sounds like you are warm anyways thanks to your ability to "make it work" . Perhaps you are lucky enough to have Natural Gas in your little town...seems like Natural Gas is the route to go. We have an LP high efficeincy is different than the wood heat we had previously...not quite as warm:)