Saturday, October 17, 2015

No Freezing for Us......This Time.

It is cold but not freezing.  Half of the Iowa in the northeast did have a hard freeze.  We may miss it but as the days keep getting colder our chances of getting frosted over will increase.  I have the impatience plant in already and I notice the glory vines really don't like the cold air.

Our sky views are clear and cold so we know winter is coming. I bought the cheap tree on the left and the one on the right is a volunteer.  The have been good trees but they are just like the lombardy poplar tree that live a short life and then it dies. 

I won't hire anyone at this time to take them down.  I am going to wait and see if winter weather won't bring down some of the limbs.  The smaller one I could cut myself but the larger one is too big for me to cut. I have a friend who likes to cut with chain saws and maybe in the spring I will turn him loose on them.

My one burning bush has started to turn red.  It is only turning at the very top of it so it looks like a flattop haircut.  I have two mature bushes like this and every fall they turn their leaves in a different manner.  The red berries are plentiful and the birds are already eating them.

I spent my Friday afternoon outside by the shed.  I have a mess out there that I am clearing and organizing everything.  I have brother in laws junk in temporary storage out there and I moved some of it into the shed.  I have restacked the old iron wagon wheels into a neat row and I did get some of the car tires cut up and removed from the rims.  If the tires were not on rims they would have been gone months ago but recycle places don't want rims attached to the tire. 

I still need to get the climbing rose attached to the shed and I have mowing of weeds that I can now get to around the shed.  I moved milk cans inside of the shed and threw some things away which I am not telling to any one about what it was.  What one can't see, one can not remember.

 We have an open house to attend this afternoon.  A family that had been renting, bought a house and they are now home owners.  Their house is an older one but perfect for them.  He is our Asian minister and he is having egg rolls and caramel salted cookies for us to eat.  Both of them are superb as he makes them.  We will do some errands before we go to the party.

I wish everyone a great Saturday.  I wish everyone to be well and thank you for stopping in to my spot today.


Anonymous said...

Too bad about your trees. We had to pay to have 2 tall pines cut recently. It's those unexpected costs that are hard to deal with! Now, my car is skipping and I'll take it in to the shop next week. Always something!
Congrats to your Minister/wife; I hope they'll be very happy in their home ad what a treat for you and your wife to enjoy his baking.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We had a tree go down in the wind but luckily it went into the woods! Your Burning Bush and Sedum are both looking good. It was 24 F here this morning:)