Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday Is All Day.........

I like to take this photo at this place as the seasons change to show how things look throughout the year.  Soon the house will be out in the open as all the leaves are gone.  Snow of course will be on the ground and also on the roof.

While out taking some photos late afternoon I could hear the last of the apples falling to the ground.  The one time I realized that a squirrel was up there trying to eat on one and it fell to the ground while he was chewing on it.  Most of the apples falling now are very well ripened and they burst open when they hit our very hard dry ground.  I still have a few or reserve for more cobbler or pie.

The burning bush is putting out red leaves in spots but we are back into a drought.  The red berries are shriveling up before the birds can eat them.  Normally the berries stay on through the winter.  Not this year for sure.

I thought I would try these out this spring when they were promoting them.  They are a form of small zinnia.  They did not do well.  I trimmed off the blooms thinking they would get taller and that never happened.  In fact this is the first bloom that I have had from them since I planted them.  It is a nice concept but not a great resulting product.

This is a smaller zinnia that came out just recently.  I think that it is smaller than the photo you are seeing here but its colors are so clear and clean.

I am back at the desk of the middle school this morning and it feels a lot more comfortable today.  I have to remember that I am babysitting and not doing high performance work.  I get lots of calls that I can now transfer and distribute behavior forms to the principal whenever he comes by the desk.

We are in a drought situation right now so the quarter of inch of rain we had this morning was greatly appreciated.  The dry weather did help farmers to get the crops out early but rain is going to be needed in the spring to get things started up again.

I thank you for stopping by today.


Patsy said...

Love your big house, looks like winter is fast approaching.
With talk of snow. It has warmed up here and so long with out rain.
I went for pool aerobics and it was fun. The pool was warm ,I hope to get the Bennie in it next .

Far Side of Fifty said...

I love your big house too! Great idea on taking the photo is different seasons. I hope you get some rain soon I think we are supposed to get some soon so maybe it will come your way. :)

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Glad you got some rain. Your title is something my mom often says. "Is today October 21st?" "All day," she answers.