Thursday, October 8, 2015

Working Outside......

Having taken a lot of photos of the windmill and wild grapevine I will just share one a day.  I am going out there this morning to do some things in the garden.  I have to clear the sunflowers and tomatoes this morning so the fiber optics people can plow through it.  The main cable looks like will be put in at the alley road and maybe they will get to getting it connect by next week. Tomatoes are spent and I will pick out what I want and then just mow it all down.  All the sunflowers are ready to be harvested.

The sunflowers are in their ugly stage now  so to remove them before the snow flies is a good idea.  I do want to feed the seed out this winter so I can get the heads in a plastic bag and store them. It was a successful year for the sunflowers even though I had planted a lot more of them.  The ones that survived all the rains were great to watch.

I was going to toss this before winter and now when I see the photo I have other plans.  I can spade soil onto the broken pot and grow a sedum vine on it. It has a wild one growing on it right now. I looked at it all summer thinking it reminded me of an old relic of the past left behind by early gardenrs. .  It isn't that old though.

We are getting great cloud designs this time of the year as the wind blows the puffy clouds across the sky.

We are definitely having fall weather now and our evenings do cool off. That mixture of warm sun and cool air above keeps the sky changing quickly.  We are having beautiful sunrise and sunsets this time of the year.  When the corn is harvested maybe I can get a few morning shots. Corn isn't being picked yet but the soybeans are coming out of the field.

The morning glory changes to different colors as it retreats.  This shape is all I saw of this one when I returned from school one day.  The colors are so great to see and when they are totally done this retreated flower looks red. The vines of all glories are turning yellow as the shorter days and colder weather continues.

I work at school this afternoon so I will have to go out this morning to get some things done. I have some tulip bulbs to get into the ground, tomatoes to mow down and sunflowers to remove. I am hoping the fiber optics guys can stay way from the zinnia patch but if I can get faster internet, they can just have them all. I won't stay the entire morning out there as I don't think my remaining symptoms will be happy with me.  Anything I can get done will be great.

Thank you for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

You will like the faster internet, we do and cable TV is much better especially in rainy weather. Fun to see your flowers:)