Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Afternoon..........

Sunday morning and I had to hide the sun behind the maple tree so I could get the photo. The earth keeps tilting and I have to keep shifting my location on the patio for the shot.   I was out with Barney this morning as he gets spooked about things and needs me to walk out to his yard with him.  Button would have had me out an hour earlier and the sunrise could have been better looking then.

The hardy geraniums are reblooming again after the last hard rainfall.  The camera picks this up to be far more orange than it really is. The plants here on the shelf next to the gate have become very healthy in this location.

I have been distracted the whole summer and I lost a lot of violets.  I am down to four and will work hard to keep them going.  They seem to do better in the winter but I have to take better care of them in the summer to get them there.

I have one plant that is an heirloom variety.  It doesn't have too many tomatoes on the vines. The romas are going to be our main supplier of food.

I may have five or more of these guys to eat this summer.

Here is a lineup to show you the size differences of all of them. Just like a farmer who shows off an ear of corn sample to brag about his crop, I have to put them on the ledge and take a bragging rights photo.

It is quiet here at home this Sunday afternoon.  The day is a gray one. It is nice to have one more day tomorrow for resting before going back to school.  I appreciate your stopping by today.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see your tomatoes. We just have not had any really good tomatoes this year. We are beginning to see apples for sale from the local orchards, though.
Your geraniums are so healthy looking. I'm sorry you lost some violets. You know how I admire them.
I love the tribute photo to Button on your sidebar. I wish you both a restful evening.

Red said...

Some of the old varieties of tomatoes have the very best flavor.

Far Side of Fifty said...

That is a whopper of a tomato! Your Morning Glories are looking good! Enjoy your Labor Day tomorrow! :)